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Yamaha YZF-R1 60th Anniversary Stingray


When talking about celebrity names And the cast that has been accumulated for over 10 years of the Superbike car , no matter who is in the car industry, must be familiar with and know With the strength of High Performance has come out since the birth of the factory Yamaha YZF-R1 Car Superbike Looks handsome hero since its first appearance until today. That can be called to change the appearance Many new engines and technologies are added. Until becoming one of the most superbike models from the raw fish Call out the buzz from the bikers With the most advanced shapes and many elements that make the Yamaha YZF-R1 look current, charming and almost impossible to find.

Yamaha  , the handsome handsome man with a full modifier from the famous office like HT Motor Ubon Ratchathani Who caught this handsome stingray Come to stuffed the gods to look more aggressive This event is a crossplane discipline. Don’t miss it. Next time, we go to see the spare parts around the car.

Brembo, the red logo, good to be with the car

It’s so bright.

Clever Wolf Racing tank cover 

Zero Gravity Face Shield

          Let’s start with the upper set. With the Brembo brake pump set on  the red logo, enhancing the full brake system performance Plus, add a sense of style with the famous brands like Brembo,followed by laying the Probolt titanium bolts at all points, called light chasing, reducing the weight of the car down quite a bit. Plus, the casting style is full. Reinforce the casting with Clever Wolf Racing ‘s carbon kevlar tank  cover. Left-right engine cover. And the fender beneath the carbon wheel arches as well This work gave me a fang. End the upper set with the shield, creating a Zero Gravity, the good thing that must have on the car. Helps to enhance the aerodynamic system as well.

          Come to the lower zone With one more item to indicate the best in the model With the Brembo HP front brake pump, a large piece of eye-catching that will play with the pace and then come to stumble With a degree in the braking pump that the gods have to have along with the disc brake disc Brembo that will come to work with the Brembo HP brake pump , this God, along with chasing the Earl’s braided line system and reinforce the release valve The bottom can be done in the blink of an eye. Come to the back With the rear brake pump Brembo beetle HP with braided wire, Earl’s that will work in tandem with the front brake set … who knows what the front-rear braking system is worth, will go 6 digits and actually the end off the set Bottom with a chain set With the chain that plays with the eye-catching chainRK 520 Blue Devils Go Again

Akrapovic Titanium Full System Exhaust

Akrapovic, this name is definitely not broken.

Quick Shifter from Woolich put this system in one set.

          Eve with Zone strength to dig out the Performance being held out to be very powerful start with the Quick Shifter of Woolich a special Quick Shifter simple customization by you Woolich can tune in to a lean engine thoroughly like. Tuning box that can be said Can be called to put a single Quick Shifter Woolich with the whole strength system He’s really good. Close the Akrapovic Titanium Fullsystem exhaust pipe, which will release the horsepower and the roaring sound of the Crossplane.

Will finally describe

          And this is the Yamaha YZF-R1 60th Anniversary from the HT Motor Bureau and the modification of the parts with the gods. Adding both the cast and the performance to the yellow stingray “Hotter than the sun, this R1.

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