Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast A wild style of the house of Wrenchmonkees

Yamaha XSR900 Monkeebeast A wild style of the house of Wrenchmonkees

Field vehicles the Yamaha Yard Built continue to receive another extremely beautiful model again it was the XSR900 Monkeebeast made by the degree Wrenchmonkees from Denmark. This is the style of dusty and wild, different from nostalgic features powerful mix that Yamaha applied to XSR900. The overall design is still in the form of XSR900 standards, different from details like the exhaust, seat, fuel tank, headlights, wheels and paint colors. Wrenchmonkees used pair Borrani spokes rims 17 “color Continental TKC black tire mounted off-road-style pattern to replace the rims and tires of XSR900 often on standards. this not only helps to style the car became more wild, but also allows running in both asphalt and dirt roads or mud. Besides, XSR900 Monkeebeast is equipped with rear suspension system, slugs and special plates to better fit new wheels.also, Wenchmonkees also replace parts such as footrests and yen after the Gilles Tooling, of Magura handlebars, Renegade Biltwell handles and headlights / taillights taken from the Yamaha MT-03 juniors. the exhaust set the standard chassis is replaced by exhaust branded high set close to the SC Project saddle, this is also the most points in the design of the car because it has a silver aluminum contrasts with the overall dark color. XSR900 Monkeebeast still use the original engine, which is the type 3 cylinders in line, 847 cc, as liquid cooled, electronic fuel injection technology with throttle control chip Y-CCT. This engine has a maximum capacity of 113.4 horsepower at 10,000 rpm / min and maximum torque of 87.4 Nm at 8,500 rev / min. Accompanied by a 6-speed gearbox. The time will soon receive Wrenchmonkees said the order for this level.



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