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YAMAHA XSR700 “SUPER 7” to capture CUSTOM Title IX of the Bureau JVB-MOTO


There is still an ongoing project with “Yamaha Yard Built”, or it is to catch the bus came to a Custom Solution is unique. By this concept to come by. Catch – remove – dismantle – the sheep – was created XSR700 has already sold in Europe. (At the house when we come to it. Follow us here) was developed by XSR700 finishing more further from the MT-07 in the house itself (preview MT-07 on field testing standards YRA).

In the clip you Miyazawa Shun are too many people here is the MT-Series to wake up again in the spring.

And this time XSR700 in Title IX of the Bureau of Custom JvB-moto from Germany. What has come out is the “Super 7” I know this. Obviously XSR700 yet that can do as much as you want without ever “Super 7” These vehicles have been removed without any cutting or welding on old sources. The result is The car continued its XSR700 (close to the MT-07), but is unique itself out later.

Customization is what I do here.

Remove all unnecessary.
Adjust lights and new
Fine new house miles
Back and seat cover that makes it look uniquely designed and created by JvB-moto.
White ceramic pipes Arrows
The well – the new design.
The new tail lights and anchor various.
With tires Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa.
After Ohlins suspension
The front suspension of the original, but has been adapted to the new location.
A new hands
The redesigned fuel tank
All are designed and built by JvB-moto and be ready to set up a separate section in the house XSR700 with our progress also.


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