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Yamaha Trace 700, 700 cc, price $ 9,000


Yamaha has today officially introduced Trace 700, models of the mid-range segment and cruising towards young drivers. Tracer 700 shared platform and engine similar to the naked chassis MT-07, however Tracer 700 back toward the ability to run downhill with differences in body structure. Yamaha said the Tracer 700 chassis has been tweaked to optimize the comfort for two people and luggage on long trips.

Trace differences compared to the MT-07 700 including 50 mm longer pick up later, the journey is longer than 12 mm suspension, antilock brakes feature ABS as standard equipment and an additional adjustable windscreen height. These features promise to provide the user with a powerful model MT-07 is similar but can be a better long-distance running. Unfortunately windshield of Tracer 700 is only governed rather hand power adjustment.


Tracer 700 has a further advantage is that the fuel tank capacity of 17 liters, 3 liters larger than the MT-07, thereby helping to increase the scope of activities considerably. Overall dimensions of the Tracer 700 is slightly faster than the MT-07, height 30 mm larger yen, at 835 mm to the driver not being tired back when sitting for long periods.

Due to be developed based on the MT-07’s engine block Tracer should not be any different 700. That type 2 cylinders in line, DOHC, liquid-cooled for maximum power 74 hp at 9,000 rev / min and maximum torque of 6,500 Nm at 68 revolutions / minute. 6-speed gearbox is a type of insect hands. Japanese automaker said that the average fuel consumption of 4.3 liters Tracer approximately 700/100 km.

Yamaha offers two accessories for luggage bins Tracer 700 includes hard or soft material and a higher windscreen. Vehicles with three color options: red, black and blue with prices ranging from $ 9,000 in the European market. Time sales started in July this year. This price is only slightly higher than the $ 7,700 of the MT-07 (ABS).

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