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Yamaha SR400 vs Ducati Scambler 62 on the classic father



Yamaha SR400 motorcycle to make a comparison with modern cities like Ducati Scambler 62 pizzas, which the two versions are different and unique stand out. But one thing is the same. The capacity of the cylinder This will require you to decide what to do. Version will be able to respond the way you want to get better.


Yamaha SR400


Let’s begin with the line’s classic sushi better than before with Yamaha SR400 motorcycle line, the classic authentic. With a unique design. Combined with the material to produce a given product from Japan, the Yamaha SR400 is another version of the biker-themed Vintage people will want possession. The front design with round headlights, chrome-plated. Turn signal stalk with a large circular protrusion on the side. New house, carrying a separate instrument with analog design Retro Bike of the rising sun. Hands gripping the shock absorbers to control the mood very classic.




Yamaha SR400 with a classic design


Oil rounded unique in the car. Which can contain up to 12 liters of fuel per seat as long as the curve of the body of the car is perfect. Chrome-plated rear fender. Stamped with large square taillights. Turning round and protruding. Clearly every movement



Suspension Front pour les Copic classic.


In view of the suspension of the Yamaha SR400 by some front suspension system with shock absorbers with Thales Copic. A bumper cover at the shock absorbers. The classic model is unique mood The shock absorbers rear shock absorbers are clamped with a swing arm. The front brake discs are paired with brake caliper. The system stops the rear drum brakes. The spokes of the wheel is a classic vibe out clearly who was strangled by Front Tire Size 90 / 100-18M / C 54S and rear tire size 110 / 90-18M / C 61S.



Yamaha SR400 with a powerful 399 cc.


TEDs from the territory Samurai Yamaha SR400 this engine a one-cylinder four-stroke cylinder is 399 cc. Bore x Stroke rates are 87 x 67.2 mm. The horsepower has to be at 23.2 and strength. 27.4 Nm of torque, the cooled air. Fuel Injection System Transmission 5-speed transmission through which the strength of the Yamaha SR400, although you will not focus on it. But rest assured that the issue of handsome. Absolutely second to none



Yamaha SR400 with a price of 265,000 baht and 285,000 baht.

For the price of the Yamaha SR400 motorcycle Paternal classic cars from Japan. Was set at 265,000 baht (white) that if someone wants to occupy the classic authentic. It must act as a black (Special Edition), with a value of 285,000 baht.


Ducati Scrambler 62



Together on a motorcycle along modern lines go from pizza, some with Ducati Scrambler 62, which is the youngest in the class of the camp Ducati design with a different blend of the modern. and classic together. It also carries a safari in itself. The front design with spherical LED headlights reinforce the striking looks with turn signal stalk small protrusions. Speedometer, a circular LCD display with a hands-tall body to be careful driving in Tampa. Fuel tanks designed in classic style, rounded. As long as seats. And maintaining the unique Ducati frame with a car trusses. Mudguards, rear LED tail lights, the long residence in the small.



Ducati Scrambler 62 to design a modern bike.


For the suspension of Ducati Scrambler 62 with front suspension and Thales Copic part of Showa rear shock absorbers are clamped with Kayaba single swingarm. The front brake system with disc brakes measuring 320 mm. With 2 POT caliper with ABS in the rear wheel off the system also comes with a full set of brake discs. And calipers with ABS system outfitted.



Ducati Scrambler 62-cylinder engine with two L-Twin.

The power of the Ducati Scrambler 62 cars come equipped with two-cylinder L-Twin valve Desmodromic 2 valves / cylinder capacity of 399 cc. Bore x Stroke rates are 72 x 49 mm. A. the maximum power of 41 hp at 8,750 rev / min and torque of 34.6 Nm – 8000 m / min ignition with electronic fuel injection. TRANSMISSION 6-speed gear-cooled air.




Ducati Scrambler 62 with a value of 279,000 baht.

For the price of the Ducati Scrambler 62 is set at 279,000 baht which is worth a lot. For those who prefer a modern bike. And to the innovative technology




Compare the shot to shot.


Table Basics Yamaha SR400 with Ducati Scrambler 62.

Yamaha SR400  Spector basic details Ducati Scrambler 62
 1  cylinder 4 stroke  engine  L-Twin cylinder 2
 399 cc.  Displacement 399 cc.
 DOHC 4-valve / cylinder  valve   Desmodromic 2 valves / cylinder
 87 x 67.2 mm.  Small Bore / Stroke  72 x 49 mm.
  23.2 HP  horsepower 41 HP @ 8,750 Rpm
27.4 Nm  torque 34.6 Nm @ 8,000 rpm
  –  Compression ratio  10.7: 1
Manual 5 Speed  Transmission  Manual 6 Speed
 Fuel Injection  Fuel   Fuel injection
kick start  Brake system  Electric start (cell)
Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  System Clutch  Clutch wet hands Multiplate. 
90 / 100-18M / C 54S  Front Tire Size 110/80 R18
110 / 90-18M / C 61S  Rear tire size 160/60 R17
 Thales Copic  Shock Absorber Page  Thales Copic Showa 41 mm in size.
Shock Double clamping with swing arm.  Rear Shock Absorber Single Kayaba shock absorbers
Single disc brakes  front brake Brake discs measuring 320 mm., With ABS.
Drum brakes  rear A single 245 mm disc. Allaah with ABS.
2,213 x 860 x 1,202 mm.  Length x Width x Height 2,150 x 860 x 1,165 mm.
 –  Seat height 790 mm.
 174 kg  weight 183 kg.
12 liters  Capacity fuel tank  14 liters
265,000 and 285,000 baht  Price  279,000 Baht

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