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Yamaha R15 introduced in 2017, designed a new, more powerful engine, clutch skid


Yamaha today officially introduced the all-new 2017 version of the YZF-R15 in the Indonesian market. New cars are made whole, from design and engine to compete with the Honda CBR150R directly Suzuki GSX-R150 and the two rivals also comprehensively renovated in the past year.

Compared to the previous generation, R15 2017 -style property more attractive designs, the lines inherited from the elder in line YZF R1 or R6-R like. The emphasis in the design of the new R15 car coming from the head and tail completely redesigned, slimmer front end and integrated Full-LED headlights are impressive. Between reflectors Main also has an inlet cavity nan pentagon with honeycomb. Two turn indicator lights still on bodywork and using halogen.

Tail with slim design, with the overall balance rather than crude also like the old version. Tail lights skyscraper using LED technology, two rear turn signal lamps located separately along the number plate. Specifically, Yamaha R15 2017 also equip the center instrument cluster is a completely electronic screens to catch the current trend.

On the body structure, chassis Yamaha Deltabox use similar to the current version optimized for vehicle weight. The most valuable improvements that the arrival of cruise suspension front backwards instead of telescopic shock absorbers on the old version. Behind remains the single cylinder damping springs. Yamaha also redesigned the spokes wheels with V-shaped vortex, combined pairs 100/80 tires up front and 140/70 for the rear wheels. On older versions use only R15 and 130/70 90/80 wheel.

Not only beautifully designed, also owns R15 2017 a completely new engine block has superior strength compared to the previous engine. That kind of single cylinder, 155.1 cc capacity integrated variable valve VVA technology for maximum power 19 horsepower and maximum torque of 14.7 Nm. On older versions, the engine has a capacity of only 16.4 horsepower and torque of 14.5 Nm. Gearbox is still 6-cone type, but there are more hands-slip clutch Slipper Clutch helps car from sliding when paying the fold.

Their current selling price of R15 is not clear at the Indonesian market in 2017, when its renovation will be notified to you more clearly.

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