Home News Yamaha FZ-09 tie bike line skating atrocities. Featuring the hottest toys in the crate. No more magical than this …!

Yamaha FZ-09 tie bike line skating atrocities. Featuring the hottest toys in the crate. No more magical than this …!


Naked Bike is a car BigBike (Big Bike), a biker style, those who prefer two wheels. Some of the notable names on the jackets look like a stripper. No Bearing Factory overshadowed The shape of this car. Driving is also quite simple and not time when driving long distances. The Racing Magazine column will take you to glimpse the beauty of the two wheels of the camp Yamaha (Yamaha), who came up with the concept of The Dark Side of Japan, many people may be waiting. Oh … well then yes. The model that we are talking about … is the family car in the MT series, if Europe is calling this model the Yamaha MT-09, but in our (at that time) and the American side. will be named Yamaha FZ-09.


          Yamaha FZ-09 Hero Racing Magazine in this regular column called Relish with items added to the handsome prince FZ-09. Beautifully extremely If this is to say that …. “Most models” would not say that to be true. For this model The Yamaha created to meet the needs of riders who love Naked motorcycle line style to disguise the car is raised to a vertical Motard Tokaktokใh biker who likes to drive through it. That can meet all your driving route.

Side view of the Yamaha FZ-09.
Let’s start with the FZ-09 this before you get better value. Sources in the paint from the factory paint Matte Silver called the author has captured IX to the FZ-09 are all items from popular brands at the biker to be highly complementary to cast to. two wheels of vehicles such as Farrow’s brands Windscreen Magical Racing Next up is the position of the lights on the front. The installation of the LED front lights, turn up the compact by removing the mirror from its original position. Then the glass is replaced CRG hands.

Top view of the Yamaha FZ-09.


Hands up carbon bar


Clutch lever and door mirrors composed of CRG.

Author of the most brutal front wheels with Brembo pump nickel.


Hand in Hand is a form of carbon. Enhance the beauty of the red dress with a gearbox oil pump Rizoma with red Brembo logo on the hand Juliette clutch as clutch lever up to increase the CRG soft hands and quick fitting guard grip clutch.

Cards radiator composed of Evotech Performance


Workshop area of the Yamaha FZ-09.

The suspension to do better than me. Packed with a cast of supplements. And decorations that will help protect the car. It is composed of Evotech Performance Radiator card, which will add to the already beautiful. It can also help prevent soil Detritus thrown into the cauldron hurt, too. Then add a cool front and rear fenders with carbon. The front wheel has selected the pump from Brembo with braided Earl’s add a little more confidence with the front wheel well area fell from R & G. Each card and scabbards GB Racing.


Behind the wheel of the Yamaha FZ-09 with unique colors.

Akrapovic exhaust tuning brand
The rear wheel is inserted after the pump. Brembo cable knit Earl’s the same with both the spool wheel after Speedy. Moto has made a stab at the anchor plate out. Then the fire up to the sleek, with Akrapovic pipes that sound exciting.
Pretty striking angle
Yamaha FZ-09

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