Home News Yamaha FJ-09 vs Triumph Tiger 800XR battle of prestige line of two wheel Touring Adventure

Yamaha FJ-09 vs Triumph Tiger 800XR battle of prestige line of two wheel Touring Adventure


Yamaha FJ-09 vs Triumph Tiger 800XR battle of prestige line of two wheel Touring Adventure

Yamaha FJ-09 with Triumph Tiger 800XR This is one of the most traveled lines. We watch it together.



Yamaha FJ-09


Let’s start at the camp Yamaha together before. With the  FJ-09 or MT-09. Tracer , which was upgraded to the success of the MT-09 camp by the giants of the land of the rising sun. The bar to adjust the handlebars are wider and higher. Combined with a comfortable sitting position when driving over old. The sleek, streamlined way to shield the face of it, it can also be adjusted for height – low. It also has the option of 12-volt power socket for various electronic devices. The rear is supplemented by a rack attached to the suitcase. That is truly the answer travelers.



LED headlamps of fierce Yamaha FJ-09.


For the front view of the Yamaha. FJ-09 comes with a headlight, LED 2 light turn left – right.The lighted daytime (Daytime Running Light) with LED ‘s on the front of the hand was strengthened by card hands as well. Of course, the big bike and car travelers would have to increase the capacity of the fuel tank. To support driving long distances by Yamaha FJ-09  comes with a tank that can hold up to 18 liters of the MT-09 which contained 14 liters only.



Speedometer edge of Yamaha FJ-09.


Together in the suspension system of the Yamaha. FJ-09 comes with a front suspension system Upside Down , size 41 mm. The collapse was pretty good. Support the driver in all conditions. The rear shock absorbers with a single horizontal clamping to the link arm. The brake system of Yamaha FJ-09  with the help of  ABS wheel system is also free. For even more security to the next level with Traction Control.



Power Crossplane 3-cylinder 847 cc. Of Yamaha FJ-09.


The engine of Yamaha FJ-09  can be considered a set of MT-09 total is engine size of 847 cc. Four strokes the horsepower to 115 at 10 000 r / min and torque or torque, it has come to form. Thrilled at 87.5 Newton – meters at 8500 rev / min as it comes with three driving modes that can be adjusted and is touring mode. For long-distance travel by mode ideal for general use. Mode andSport mode this course. Designed to be a great strength to its full capacity ever.



Yamaha FJ-09 with a value of 479,000 baht.


By The Big Bike for travelers. And semi Adventure cars. Priced at 479,000 Baht , which is considered as a very attractive one. The performance of Modern security systems And the options available to the full.



Triumph Tiger 800XR


Came together at Camp Triumph well with the Tiger 800XR , a motorcycle-style  Touring & Adventure authentic as well. The front has been designed in the style of Louis absolute coordinates. Start with a light fixture, two large circular shield large pages. Hand controls imposed by a large bar that provides a comfortable driving posture. The large tank designed to contain 19 liters of fuel have been adapted to seat down the slope. You can also adjust the height – low demand. On the side of the car was stripped Bearing Factory sides to reveal the strength of the trusses.



Speedometer edge of the Triumph Tiger 800XR.


The dashboard screen LCD with a purpose. The digital speedometer Analog Tachometer Engine Odometer Gear position indicator Fuel gauge Indicates errors that need fixing. Ambient air temperature indicator and a clock.



Suspension system that took in all the circumstances of the Triumph Tiger 800XR.


For the suspension of the  Triumph Tiger 800XR  with a front suspension Upside. Downthe Showa 43 mm in size. The rear shock absorbers are single  Showa fork with gearbox oil.Adjustable hardness with hydraulics. Front brake system with brake discs measuring 308 mm. CaliperNissin 2-piston rear section is a brake disc measuring 255 mm. Caliper Nissin single piston drop in both two-wheel comes with ABS on. open – closed It also comes with a technology acceleratorRide-By-Wire in response to feeling better. And Traction Control System (Triumph Traction Control).



Power 800 cc., Delivers performance of 95 hp Triumph Tiger 800XR.


For the power of the  Triumph Tiger 800XR comes with a three-line cylinders, 800 cc. DOHC 12 valve Bore / stroke 74.1 x 61.9 mm. The compression 11.3: 1 ignition with electronic fuel injection. Cooled water And transmission via 6-speed transmission performance up to 95 hp at 9,250 rev / min and a maximum torque of 79 Nm – 7,850 m / min.



Triumph Tiger 800XR with a price of 485,000 baht.


For the price of the Triumph Tiger 800XR is set at 485,000. Baht , which is priced at a great value. And the performance was enough. Another version of the biker line trip not to be missed.



Compare every corner



Compare the shot to shot.


Yamaha FJ-09 data tables based on the Triumph Tiger 800XR.

Yamaha FJ-09  Spector basic details Triumph Tiger 800XR
4-stroke 3-cylinder Crossplane  engine 4-stroke three-line cylinders
847 cc.  Displacement 800 cc.
 DOHC 4-valve / cylinder  valve DOHC 4-valve / cylinder
78.0 x 59.1 mm.  Small Bore / Stroke 74.1 x 61.9 mm.
  115 hp at 10,000 rev / min.  horsepower 95 hp at 9,250 rev / min.
87.5 Nm at 8500 r / min.  torque 79 Newton – meters at 7850 rev / min.
11.5: 1  Compression ratio 11.3: 1
Manual 6 Speed  Transmission  Manual 6 Speed
Injection Yamaha Fuel Injection with YCC-T.  Fuel   Head of Electronics
starting hands  Brake system starting hands
Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  System Clutch  Clutch wet hands Multiplate. 
120/70ZR17  Front Tire Size 100/90 R19
180/55ZR17  Rear tire size 150/70 R17
UpsideDown 41 mm.  Shock Absorber Page Upside Down Showa 43 mm.
Shock Single grip on the swingarm.  Rear Shock Absorber Showa single shock absorber mounting on the swingarm.
Twin Disc 298 mm. ABS  front brake Twin 308 mm discs. Nissin 2-piston calipers ABS.
245 mm disk brakes. ABS.  rear A single 255 mm disc. Single piston caliper Nissin ABS.
2,160 x 950 x 1,375 mm.  Length x Width x Height
 –  Seat height 790-830 mm. (Adjustable).
210 kg.  weight 188 kg.
18 liters  Capacity fuel tank  19 liters
479,000 Baht  Price  485,000 Baht


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