Home News YAMAHA clue to the origin of “New vehicles” in 2018 will mean MWT-9

YAMAHA clue to the origin of “New vehicles” in 2018 will mean MWT-9


Hiroyuki Yanagi – Yamaha CEO Clue revealed that in 2018, the Yamaha will start with the production car. “New vehicles” by the news that we may have seen the arrival of MWT-9 or tricycle with a supreme performance to the next level too. Just to show that this is not within the Tokyo Motor Show.

As Tricity have to market and sell it. This will develop vehicles using a three-wheel basis FZ / MT-09 was attributed to the build-up. We are called Tricity + MT / FZ-09 = MWT-9 would not be wrong.

The Yamaha has launched a new generation of vehicles out of 250 models since 2013 and there are 270 version is in development. The development model can reach a greater variety of uses. The main basis of the same But the development of a more diverse And covers more active. As long as we have not previously presented to the Tenere based on the MT-07.

“We will develop new products continually and consistently to promote the Yamaha brand even stronger,” a message that is clear in its annual report that the addition of Yamaha Yamaha has a good financial position. The opening of a new product in its continuously. We believe that “I could see the MWT-09 soon.”

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