Yamaha Bolt 2019 A new, simple, powerful, V-Twin Bob

Yamaha  , Japan, launched the Yamaha Bolt 2019, a new V-Twin motorcycle, a simple yet powerful, new equipment upgrade, modernity and confident driving. Under the concept “Ultimate Purely Bobber”, which was officially launched Available in both ABS and R ABS models

Yamaha Bolt 2019 A new simple powerful V Twin Bob
Yamaha Bolt 2019 A new, simple, powerful, V-Twin Bob 15

Yamaha Bolt ABS

The difference between the two models, starting with the model of the  Yamaha Bolt ABS, will have only black metallic black tones with the BOLT logo attached to the top of the tank with a wire wheel spokes for the Yamaha Bolt R ABS 

Rear shock absorber with liner tank In addition, the blue oil tank will have a good stick to the red-blooded band.


Yamaha Bolt R ABS

           The same thing in both versions is the 2-cylinder engine, V-Twin SOHC, 4 valves, capacity 941 cc. Air cooled. Including the round headlight Seats separated by ABS braking system, etc. For the sale price, include  Yamaha Bolt ABS,

price  961,200 yen, or Thai money, excluding taxes of about 2.76 hundred thousand baht,  Yamaha Bolt R ABS, price 1,006,560 yen or about 2.98 hundred thousand baht

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