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Visiting Indian pavilion & Victory


Established since 1901, Indian Motorcycle is one of the old guard in the cruiser and touring car segment, no less competitive than Harley-Davidson. Indian models always create a classic style, luxury and price is not cheap.


The car in the picture above is the Indian Scout. Overall vehicle size 2311 mm long, 880 mm wide, 1,207 mm high and 1,562 mm wheelbase. This size is quite bulky but that is characteristic of American cars and individuals concerned if I really have to control a car like Indian Scout. Due to the cruiser line up the seat height of 635 mm just Indian Scout. Wet weight is 256 kg and the vehicle’s fuel tank capacity of 12.5 liters reached.


Indian Scout uses V-Twin engine block, 2-cylinder, electronic fuel injection, 1,130 cc capacity and cooled liquid. This engine maximum power of 100 hp and maximum torque of 97.7 Nm. 6-speed gearbox is a type of insect hands. Vehicles using 298 mm single disc brake up front and 2-piston 298 1 single piston for the rear wheels. Front wheel tire fitting 130 / 90-16 and rear is 150 / 80-16.


Indian Chief Dark Horse (pictured above) also uses V-Twin engine cylinder 2 as Scout but higher capacity, at 1,811 cubic centimeters. Indian did not disclose the maximum power of the Dark Horse Chief said that only a maximum torque of 138.9 Nm is. 6-speed gearbox is kind.


Chief Dark Horse weighing up to 357 kg wet and fuel tank capacity of 20.8 liters. Vehicles using dual 300mm disc brakes up front and 4-piston 300 mm 2 single-piston for the rear wheels. Two tech features on the most prominent Chief Dark Horse is that brakes ABS and cruise control system Cruise Control is like a car.


Has similar specs but as Chief Dark Horse Chief Vintage (pictured above) toward nostalgic as the name implies. Yen vehicles and containers made of genuine leather brown very eye-catching. The parameters such as engine, torque, gearbox, brakes, fuel tanks are of similar vintage Chief Dark Horse Chief. ABS brakes and cruise control system Cruise Control is also standard equipment on the Chief Vintage.

the top model is the Roadmaster line (pictured above). Vehicles using V-Twin engine capacity of 1,811 cc and like Chief Dark Horse Chief Vintage design but more massive. Wheelbase 1,668 mm and up to a wet weight of 421 kg. With more than 1.4 billion price, Indian Roadmaster series possesses high-end features such as electric windscreen, heated seats / steering wheel, cruise control, tire pressure control or stereo Stereo capacity of 200W

In the cruiser segment, introduced the Victory Gunner (pictured above). Car ownership style and strong bunkers with military green matte paint and other parts are painted matte black. Vehicles using V-Twin engine block capacity 1731 cc, 6-speed gearbox and 294 kg dry weight.

Unlike the Indians, the models of the Victory Motorcycles cross design with a modern and sporty. Pictures on the Vision Tour, full-sized cars are cruising Victory genuine sale for about 980 million. Vehicles using V-Twin engine capacity of 1,731 cc, 92 bhp power and use the same belt transmission 6-speed gearbox. Features Cruise Control cruise control and ABS brakes are also fitted to Victory Vision Tour

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