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We can say the Honda display area is always very attracted visitors at the exhibition. VMCS 2016dieu this year in this very well unaltered. With car taper 150 Winner hand, these young men have flocked here to admire that. In addition, the Honda also has many other impressive models like the RC213V’s Marc Márquez, 93, or street version of the car is RC213V-S. The concept car’s quite unique and Honda also received much attention.


Obviously Winner 150 is the most prominent characters in the display area of Honda Vietnam in 2016. Visitors VMCS constantly surrounded taper model 150 cc hand to learn and scrutiny. In addition, it wants to know the attraction of this car,
The theme this year that Honda Vietnam VMCS option for 2016 is “Ride to the future – Surf the future.” On this subject HVC would like to bring our customers the most wonderful experience, starting from the core elements is the leading technology in service of life. And that is why Honda Vietnam brought back many ideas such vehicles.


Honda City – ADV Concept is a completely new orientation of a moving vehicle when the driver is feeling driving experience terrain, adventure in the heart of the city. You can view the details of City – ADV Concept here.

Super Cub Concept is considered “perfect successor” of the famous cars Cub’s a Honda. The vehicle combines the classic definition of Cub lines and modern look for a car needed future.


Meanwhile Cub EV Concept electric vehicle was developed based on the legendary Super Cub. With the use of electric motors, the EV Cub toward environmental friendliness. The car also own livery bore nostalgic about the past of cars Cub.


After “Surf the future” for the concept car, then you can look back on display region renowned MotoGP race car racer Marc Márquez due to rider and win in two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014.


Next to it is the street version RC213V-S, a coveted superbike of any man does love speed. RC213V-S uses the car’s engine and customize the MotoGP race to be able to run on the street.


Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is also a motorcycle design is inspired from MotoGP racing bike Repsol Honda team’s RC213V. This is also a form superbike be appreciated.


With the import scooter models, the Honda SH 300i has exhibited the Italian. This is the first scooter emission standard Euro 4. Listen to the wind of Honda Vietnam is considering the distribution of SH 300i for the domestic market. Hopefully this will help reduce the price of the SH 300i to a more reasonable level, rather than approximately 300 million as current.

If you are looking for a high hand cars both strong and bunkers, perhaps you’ll NM4 Vultus. The car has brought the appearance design of the fighter with the tangent array iconic bodywork. NM4 Vultus is also equipped with the most advanced technology today, such as the automatic transmission on the same car.


In addition, the Honda Vietnam also showcase commercial vehicles where they are sold in the domestic market as SH 125/150, PCX, Sh Mode, MSX or Air Blade. HVN also exhibited MSX Racing 2 racing cars and Blade Racing.

Especially, in the left corner of the display area, HVN has introduced personal transportation Uni-Cub new quite unique. Visitors can also register the Uni-Cub run right here.

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