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Vehicles motorcycles of Honda auto balance: stand still and move themselves


Technology itself balancing on motorcycles that Honda brought to CES this year was very promising and attracted much attention because it helps a lot for the daily demand of us, I mean the utility practical and convenient. With a heavy vehicle, the driving it was too hard not to mention the helm and moving at slow speed. Honda’s new technology will solve all your worries for you.

Honda uses the sensor and the moving parts to the impact on the front wheel axle of the motorcycle in order to help it balance itself. With the click of a button, the front of the car will be stretched out in front, according to her, the one up to help car axle with better focus. In this mode, the vehicle can stand still and excellent balance, if you have a slight impact force and bodywork, while the steering wheel and the front wheels are slightly moving left / right to keep his balance, ie same way we do. If you look, you go slow, we often have to hit driver left / right and have a very light force to stabilize the car Honda do likewise.

Not just a place to stand still, prototype vehicle can also move slowly and of course self-lai. I think Honda uses a device smartphone or something to point the way for the car, which it automatically follows its owner. If you sit in the car, it will also drive themselves, but you do not need to hold the steering wheel. I think this technology will help a lot for users of large motorcycles while moving slow and short range, they can self-drive mode instead of gong to keep your balance when the car goes slower.

Honda does not make it clear that this technology can be fitted on existing vehicles or to a new generation car but I find it just behind the front axle acting on the car, the rear completely identical conventional vehicles. Honda has not announced the time of commercialization of this technology. Manufacturers each year there are many new technologies to increase convenience and safety for users.

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