Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

To say that this is. Motorcycle prototype of the classic The Custom and made exquisitely to indicate the identity of you, it would not cover because  “Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster”  is a blend between the old classic tradition of the family Bonneville with. With a genuine British English. This style comes with riding a  Cruiser with a fierce emotional appeals not Bobbers.

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is Creative And make a difference to the classic of the Bonneville family  with a distinctly British personality. Combining the convenience of driving a Cruiser  that can be used on a daily basis.

Travel and  Touring easily. But still, the aggressiveness of Bonneville Bobber ‘s high-torque engine power , as well as the roaring of the Hot Rod engine, adds to the fun. And inspire all driving.

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster
Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster 37

Stylish Bonneville headlamps reflect the classic DNA of Bonneville.


Behind the Beach Bar Controlled the mind.


The foot rests forward. Cruiser style gear.

          The  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster comes with a stylish Nacelle headlamp  that perfectly reflects Bonneville ‘s classic DNA . But with a modern light bulbs with LED  as Bonneville Speedmaster  delivers a driving experience that comfort level. With the design of the foot forward.

And a beach-style backhand bar. It provides comfortable driving posture. In addition, the  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster also features a 705 mm high rider seat that fits the body of the Thais. Control the car confidently. The car will weigh up to 245.5 kg.


Oil tank capacity 12 liters. Triumph seal is notable.


Designed for the back seat with backrest.


Miles Watch Speed ​​Gauge With digital display


Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster with Cruise Control Technology

          In addition, the  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is also designed to have a cushion for the pillion. The seat is comfortable. Accompanied by a long journey without fatigue. It also comes with advanced technology. It offers superior comfort.

From the watch face to the watch. Speedometer display Integrated digital display perfectly. Including road and rain function keys, which adds to the safety. And first with the Cruise Control (static control system), which makes driving a long trip. It’s easy. And more fun


Brembo Dual Piston Brake Disc Brake Pumps 310 mm with ABS


Disc 255 mm rear disc works with Nissin 2 POT brake pump with ABS system.

          The suspension of the  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster comes with shock absorbers Front Telescopic measuring 41 mm., From KYB and Rear Mono Shock of KYB likewise mounted on.

Swing Arm Cage Unique The front brake system is a double disk disc of 310 mm working with a Breambo 2 POT brake pump and the rear is a 255 mm single disc brake with a Nissin 2 POT brake pump. with ABS and front – back. They are available on 16-inch wheels with 130/90 R16 front tires and 150/80 R16 rear tires.


SOHC 8 Water Cooled Valve 77 horsepower 106 Nm

          For the power of the  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster engine comes with a 2-cylinder engine of 1200 cc. SOHC 8 valve water cooling. Cylinder size x Coupling length 97.6 x 80.0 mm Compression capacity 10.0: 1 Fuel injection with electric nozzle system Transmission through a 6-speed gearbox with a torque-controlled clutch.

The softness. And precise in the gear shift. In addition to accelerating fast with the throttle Electric Ride by Wire with  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster performance up to 77 hp at 6,100 rev / min and torque up to 106 Newton – meters at 4,000 rev / min. This is unique to this engine. That makes driving fun. And the tremendous torque. Through a roaring hot rod.


Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

          Get to know the  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster in full. It’s going to be a real test drive. I have to admit that I just see the shape and shape, I want to sit up in the middle.

Because the design is so cool that all eyes can not see the eyes. Dimension of the car looks tight. Just twist the LED headlight is illuminated. With a sophisticated display to touch. And when you start the engine, it makes you cry Wow !! Because of the Hot Rod roar,  it’s tempting and hard to resist going out to the night.


Control confidently and comfortably.

          In addition to the cool And the charm of the car emanates a unique and  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster also provides a comfortable driving posture. Easy control Both feet can touch the ground fully. (Even the driver is 168 cm tall), which is a car that can drive both newbies and hand-crafted Beach Bar to lean toward the driver.

While the foot is indented. Driving comfort is not bent or bent too. Even the hands are wide. But it does not make the turn radius must be in any way, but can duck and curl in the city easily. If it is good. Long distance ride would be fun.


Torque, fun ride with roaring hot rod.

          In terms of driving performance. I must say that  Triumph Bonneville Speedmastercomes with tremendous power and torque, literally. Make driving fun. And thrill The sound of the  Hot Rod roared. The more energetic.

With a 106 Nm torque – meters in the low engine rpm of only 4,000 rpm, the tempo is over. I do not know how to do it. To see the symptoms of the car. And see how the tremendous torque of the car is so devastating. But it appears that Traction ControlHe came to help immediately.

Enormous torque to the rear wheel is full. As a result, the car to accelerate ahead without flinching. This is a very amazing story. I have a lot of torque. But the safety is not lost even less.


Steady and precise handling is at the heart of the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster.

          When strength and excitement meet impeccably. The control of the Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is incredibly good. If you decide on the shape of  many Bobbers, you would think that driving.

Or does it really work? Or just driving. The park only. That is not what I think. Indeed, because  Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster back to driving performance is not much different from Cruiser or car Touring least.

The most noticeable touch. Must be raised to be still. And the precision of Handling, whether it is to bend, turn U-turn, wide bends using the Speed Bonneville Speedmaster. It’s fun to ride and safe to ride.


Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster is a stylish motorcycle. And the identity of their own clearly. The price is 632,000 baht.

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