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Suzuki GSX-R1000 L5 Drag Bike dolphin species atrocities


Suzuki GSX-R1000 L5 Drag Bike dolphin species atrocities


This time, we come away with a princess dolphin or a Suzuki GSX-R1000 in the new L5 which the owner is BIGGA BD SPEED the design modified up in the Drag Bike Bureau BD SPEED RACING with modified that. full almost all the In terms of strength Engine performance and suspension of a packed car. For those who like to decorate this style. I have not told this to me. The team guarantee it. That this really super With award-winning many I do not watch

Filling in the car you BIGGA BD SPEED has told the team that. What impressed you the Suzuki GSX-R1000 L5 this is the kind of raw material that is floating page touches the accelerator. Charm and color of the car is unique blue Suzuki which you BIGGA BD SPEED has inspired my own car to run on the racetrack Drag it has modified this handsome prince dolphins. Give up the car Drag Bike to many people now. On the strength to tear the car stays Superbike factory has a Drag Bike is the best offer.


Alloy Marchesini M7RS gold.

Pump front brake BREMBO HP 4 POT.

Let’s begin with the eye-catching features of the dolphin with this post. Bearing Factory paint the car a fresh blue. As one of the unique Suzuki and Alloy brands such as wireless racing people unknown to MARCHESINI M7RS gold to add beauty with outstanding weight of the car down a lot. Alloy wheels with a deity Fasteners with rubber elements of Pirelli together with brake set it to pump Brembo GP  pins, gold pump front brake Brembo HP 4 POT  brake rear Brembo HP 2 POT  disc brakes front Brembo T-Drive Pumps Rams Racing Brembo and dresses. braided EARL’S brake here … Oh well, I fear that much of a raise families Brembo come yet.

Front shock absorber OHLINS TGR200

YSS shock after the top end for the race.

Here again another Where’s suspension together with some luck, a brand with a front shock absorber OHLINS TGR200 rear shock absorber YSS  hit the top end, not less. Followed by transmission links GILLES with Kwik-chip router Translogic a look at the collection on my hands clutch Brembo Throttle ACTIVE Type3 Racing’s switch STM Series is held on the full to me.

Yoshimura R11 exhaust pipe with Titanium Full System. 

At the end of the course due to engine modification straw. The Bureau asks you a secret here, but at least we got to see another point that adds both beauty and strength with sound fierce. Exhaust brand from Japan with Yoshimura R11 pipe with a Titanium Full System installed the powerful engine of Suzuki with the throttle horsepower and torque out at full Performance course.


It is another force that is beloved biker speeding access to many of the decorations say that most people who really want to see you this dolphin.

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