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Suzuki GSX-R1000 in 2016 version 30th anniversary


Over the past 30 years of existence and development of the Suzuki GSX-R is one of the sport-bike line most successful thanks to eye-catching design and enduring performance. At the last exhibition in 2016 VMCS, Suzuki Vietnam has exhibited chiecGSX-R1000 ABS 2016 30th anniversary edition (Commemorative Edition) with typical blue and white paint and commemorative logo on the fuel tank mounting and rim. GSX-R1000 anniversary edition has a different paint color is dark red.


In addition to new paint and commemorative logo mounted on the vehicle body, the GSX-R1000 2016 Commemorative no difference compared with the standard version. Design features of the car was maintained from 2009 to date showed enough GSX-R1000 success that has been. Regarding design, Suzuki remained faithful to style two-story single headlight which it applies to both GSX-R600, GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000. Tapering the tail is very eye-catching, rear turn lights and taillight integrated is also a characteristic of the GSX-R line.


From version 2011 or earlier, use GSX-R1000 dual exhaust system with exhaust pipes on each side. However from 2012 to this version, the Suzuki moved to large single exhaust pipe to the traditional lopsided. GSX-R1000 2016 810 mm seat height, weighing 205 kg for a used wheel ABS and 17 “mounted tires 120/70 front, 190/50 rear.


Provide GSX-R1000 power for the engine block 4 cylinders in line, 999 cc, DOHC liquid-cooled and. Suzuki did not disclose details, but the maximum speed of the test showed more video GSX-R1000 can achieve a maximum speed of nearly 300 km / h. These technologies GSX-R1000 featured on may be mentioned as the ABS antilock braking system drive mode selector 3 levels, adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes and clutch slip

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