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Royal Enfield Continental GT classic varieties atrocities


Royal Enfield Continental GT classic varieties atrocities

Stream of the two wheels at this time nor deny that. Classic motorcycle is known to play a role in the widely. With the fascinating charm of the old style biker chic. Annexed to the camp motorcycle brands Turned their attention to this car and create a reserve to open up. That is why the motorcycle classic popular broad, as we have seen you in the present.





Royal Enfield (Royal Liverpool)  classic British motorcycles. It is a brand that is known to create unique and distinctive in two wheels for a long time. The brand, which has a representative office and launched in Thailand. It is considered to be the overwhelming response from both the biker and larger models will have two wheels this is a collection of application itself. The same way you Twitter Trong Valley a good family of Street Box Café at Royal Enfield Continental GT (Royal Anfield Continental Continental GT)  is one of two-wheeled Reliant available. unveiled inRacing Magazine this.



Twitter you Trong Valley Morning families with the Royal Enfield Continental GT lover.



The manner of driving a sporty mood of the Sixty.


Although the two-wheeler brand in classic Royal Enfield will build the car in the camp released various versions. But I personally feel that Royal Enfield Continental GT , which comes in the form Cafe Racer will attract the most charming. The image of a contemporary mood. Combining both a modern classic. The vibe is hip 60s seamlessly by Royal Enfield Continental GT in possession of Twitter have been modified to look fierce. Even more provocative Inspired by the concept car like the snazzy British Cafe Racer style. Away from the frame of the deal made with Powder Coat tank missiles with a Pop Up from Monza in the nude Hair Line of metal to cut through the red cushion cut diamonds exquisitely patterned sewing thread. Light in the round with light cover that complements the aggressive style of racing with either TURN strap on luck.



Oil nude Hair Line emotions aggressive full.



Red striped cushion diamond Paired with fire ants, and the ass end perfectly round.



Holding hands with a side choke and tight.


For parts that need not be dismantled until smooth. To show the gloss of power. By simply installing the necessary equipment such as fenders and aluminum, as well as scabbards dress Custom, Cover Dress Custom, Custom short end job in a hidden brake lights. With Lamp from Rizoma cockpit in the style of hand-held shock. Increase the tightening of driving with hands-freeBittwell with performance upgrades to control the pump on Brembo Italy 17RCS paired with a gearbox oil from Rizoma and shaft clutch TWM , which improves performance in control car is. ever



Pump on Brembo Italy 17RCS paired with a gearbox oil from Rizoma.




The hand mirror with cover Rizoma hands Bittwell.


Another thing that makes your favorite Twitter Royal Enfield Continental GT inevitable emotions classic full. The feed alley in a raw style of the single-cylinder two-wheel-grown children.Give voice to children Conveys a powerful With rising immediately open throttle. It comes with a 535 cc engine capacity. 2 valve width Bore x Stroke is a 87 x 90 mm. Cooled air. Payable fuel injection EFI Transmission System Transmission 5-horsepower 29 at 5100 rev / min and torque of 44 Newton – meters at 4000 rev / min modified slightly with a filter strip and pipes. Custom line with duct insulation. The main demand Your tweets are not at the speed of travel. But if the feed alley driving vintage. Including mobility Low cost of maintenance. Which is the perfect combination of raw emotion and could not find from a typical two-wheeler. The commercially available



Naked power Inspirational overload





This is another way to decorate a known hit late hooligan with Royal Enfield Continental GT

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