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REVIEW: KAWASAKI ZX10R to take cars off the field to use on the road


Be called a sports car into a loud buzz from those who love “calls squat” has quite the ZX-10R at the Kawasaki announced price out a pulsating at 670,000, although it came with a message. the force was being reduced down slightly (but oh, if not even take a ride to the event for what it is. I do not know how to take out extra for it).

This time, thanks to “My brother,” I think the key to sticking with it. “Let me review it. This is not a ride Running taught me to finish up with. “

I did not have a chance to ask the driver, then the mood has come. Keep a review to your friends. I have seen pictures And his character more together with me on the ZX-10R by this time we will take the ride together on a daily basis, why does it. Running across the province, including a little too lightly. Down to performance And mobility in the field a bit. Edited out before And then do it!

Fit He shared the title in the review by this.

  • General appearance
  • Technical details of interest.
  • The sub-systems that help the driver a bit.
  • The proportion of people and cars
  • Driving on various road conditions
  • Driving in the form of drops (ie, sensitivity).
  • Consumption
  • Advantages / observations / disadvantages.
  • Would fit / unfit.

General appearance


The ZX-10R 2016. This has been enhanced by all new. By focusing on the development up to. “The next time around Looks more visible “to the outside, if you look through it, then why almost no difference with the new ZX-10R before it for me. It also reduces the friction of the engine (inertia) down to 20%, with adjusted to a comfortable position. And more friendly It took just a short ride is enough to tell that the ZX-10R 2016 is different from 2014, this is it.

During 2016, a hands-on close up a little compared to the year 2014.
2016 feels that lift straight up easier.
2016, providing a range of torque beginning to soften slightly. But more responsive as I wish.
2016 feels agile driving. And sure to turn more and more narrow.
2016 posture more friendly. The body of the car does not feel compelled to take a driving position in the field all the time. It was able to raise more easily and more comfortably.
2016 has dimensions similar to the 2014 car, but the driver will feel a little smaller. The body narrows slightly
Now let’s see the clips do better when we enjoy a walk around the view. Play along with a dip in the car.


Technical details of interest.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.00.40 AM

ZX-10R with this arrangement as a vehicle to bring the system into electronic Knicks plenty to help the driver. Both to be able to do better in the field. For security to be more active. What I have come gradually get better.

The proportion of people and cars


I ratio remains unchanged at 163 cm and weight 65 kg, with a racing shoe last long enough to make it into the ankle lock down the foot on either side of it. But if wearing a long stretch of touring a lot more into it a little bit here.


For normal use, use the bottom scroll down a bit, it was a full foot more comfortable for me. Standing on tiptoe down Driving distance at the same time it might be cramping up thread. Full steam ahead down a lot more comfortable.

This comes with the eye portion 180 cm 85 kg foot two I’m oh! For most of the approximately 170 cm is OK, then. Down from nearly full all the time.

Driving in the form of drops.


The basic chassis of the car responds very well to drivers in the field. The thing that made an impression, especially the “Shock” Inverted balance free fork model, the response was good. And to feel that confidence to brake deeper to the next bend. To make sure the throttle Without a good bounce or swing from the back of the Oche act fast or too slow, or if it is heavier than this. Or driving in a Recurrence Set a little more “finished” at all for me.

Combined with a flick of the power that comes from the factory Ohlins give confidence to open the throttle out of corners away. Although the response of the power to delay it a little flick. There is also a light flicked on. But it is faster And the very

IMU system controls the ABS and S-KTRC of the car worked very well. Deliberately turning off the accelerator sharply curved. (The most sensitive) I felt that for me began to slide. It stopped almost immediately And ready to climb rounded out continuously.

However, the length of the brake lever And the length of the lever Rather, it’s a little too close to the footrest. This makes it a long sought to put the ankle lock yet. May be inserted into the foot to yank the gear stick. Adapting to unfamiliar awhile before gear rattling sounds.

Overall, the ZX-10R is a car to turn left or right curve continued fluently. The sports car is placed Bala Alliance of good feeling confident that our car into the deep end. And throttle out “hard” from various electronic systems to help. Golf for Beginners Hair ZX-10R makes sense, “fun” is quite good … so-called “itch” again.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 12.01.38 AM

Took off to the streets as well. # Through traffic jams

Fishy was driving on a daily basis, it should not have to jump through to this for me. If not, you must find a way to break through it. Traffic jams in our house sometimes superfluous.

From the ZX-10R can be offset by the traction engine to respond smoother (KEBC) makes it possible to open the throttle long. Immediately off the accelerator and the car does not have symptoms. Or soil from off the accelerator immediately. Sticking to let slip the clutch a little bit. Alluding to the ongoing reduction gears quickly. It’s easy to sometimes have to remind myself that if I do this with no other cars for what it might be easy to get it to flex.

The condition of roads in our country is quite unfriendly to bike much. And the torque of the 1000cc makes it easy to slip the turn that this IMU to help as much as ever. And ready to be inserted into the operation of the accelerator, which we export curves immediately. This causes the rear wheels to ward off the cliff … I do not feel that play was rounded off just a little, then stopped. Arches and soaring out immediately relaxed.

We know that the weather is so hot !!! The Sport 1000 cc riding cars behind me, I … wait … ZX-10R this I held that a car Sport in class 1000 cc, the “cool” at all for me to handle the heat of a car do that. parking behind the fan running, I do not feel anything hot. It will warm the area on the right foot, is expected to come from the exhaust under the car except that it’s comfortable!


Took off to the streets as well. # Travel on major routes

This time I had a chance to take his driving across the province nearby. With a distance of 200 km, it makes sense to look at the “wrong expectations” very good for me with the ZX-10R units.

Sitting has been improved, enabling travel a distance of about 200 km without any fatigue. Sticking with the performance of the suspension followed a very good response to our road conditions quite well. Deng was asked more than any other car in the right. Deng was already over for me. But it’s not that comfortable for a sports car.

Moreover, from a sitting position quite comfortably without being forced to squat. The lift itself up a bit of traveling. To improve vision in seeing easier. The cushion-like sinking into the car, the driver can make modifications to suit the trip even more.

The level of the brake lever Clutch lever and relatively flush with the floor. The time we have to use the clutch or brake may have a broken wrist, which makes arms enough. It is easy to condescend Letdown! We are in the same plane to arm a lot more. Or put the brake lever And a clutch lever on the body. And the use of traveling is done as well.

The stacking of the ZX-10R is a sport car seat is quite wide. And a comfortable sitting position rather than the other sports in the 1000 cc class with me. People piled the pressure tank can be used quite easily tweak the knee.

With the car in this class are told that “exceed”, “overflow” and “redundant” to the trip by traveling at speed 100-120 km / hr pace of acceleration is instant and immediate throttle response, power has come. and that is quite friendly The system that makes it possible to use more secure. Overall, the ZX-10R sports cars it can be used for traveling short distances – medium. Is quite good


ConsumptionBy a rough measure a full tank of fuel. Then catch the distance run. The new oil is added to it. The result is as yet
3 oil tanks in the use of different combinations possible distance to hold a total of 487.7 km and fuel consumption averaged 34.5 litre made. Total is active in the field at 14.13 km / litre.


Advantages / remarks / disadvantages.


The basic chassis of the car is very good. The liner has continued And respond to work well. Adjustable resolution And the range of adjustment is quite wide.
IMU system that helps control the ABS / Traction Control enhances safety in use on the road a lot. Slide behind the wheel on a slippery surface is less easily controlled, and the UN.
Help me to do it, whether it’s ABS / Traction Control / IMU (with slides) / KEBC to change traction engine and ESD or the flick of electricity from Ohlins also comes with Quick Shifter another one.
Sitting comfortably more than the previous fair. Turning the car is quite narrow putting on weight well in daily life easier.
Operating system is quite simple, just use the “SEL” and the up / down but oh An open secret in the press KLCM Union’s it like to be a little confused at first.
Classified as a sports car, the “cool” at all for me to have my right foot during the summer. But overall, then cool for me.

Remarks / Disadvantages

“Should” KEBC system that makes it into gear soon. Model we use in airports There may be signs that the machine is not related to gear up the pace. But in general I do not feel comfortable as well.
Although Quick Shift transmission to perform well and accurately. It has symptoms like heavyweights gently around like a little break before soaring out, “likely” came from the S-KTRC work came to a “face lift” unattended.
The distance of the lever Stay close with your feet a little. If the shoe might be a little long, a thick wedge jamming gear as well.
By sapping strength from 200 hp to 179 hp, which is to be used in the competition must contact the center for up to a full suite of performance of the car. However, the general use “excessive” and “over” for me.
Would fit / unfit.


Suited to

Friends who already have a basic driving course. And experience driving big bike before.
“Fold lines” like a sports car works. I still use on a daily basis with the ZX-10R These vehicles provide better do it now.
I used to compete in the field. (But be unlocked too hp).

“Buffy” is not recommended, though it has helped secure more reasonable. But the strength of the car Manner of driving is not a car more agile cornering, braking and cornering should be trained before the fair ever.


Again, thanks to his “brother” the one who gave me the opportunity to come into contact with this brand new ZX-10R was not driving it.

ZX-10R is considered as one of the sports cars come with power facilities. And allows the driver to make driving safer, whether the ABS brake makes it easy. And to ensure greater braking force at each wheel Traction Control unattended quite well to the IMU reduces the skid of the rear wheels when road conditions are slippery and we met. However, it requires speed And driving right by it.

The basic suspension “original” of a car that has been inherited from the WSBK races response was very good. And adjustable for a wide variety of applications. Oche Front responded well to use in the field. No symptoms Quake Or flip them too Even driving in a variety of formats. Oche The latter was not waving signs or bounce from flipping curve continued strength whatsoever. Make riders more confidence to use it.

Overall, though, the look of the car ZX-10R will not change from the original much. But with a design that allows the driver to focus on “more comfortable” and “A Time to Run,” as well as better prices opened so many people feel palpitations at 670,000 baht All this makes the ZX-10R’s car. Sports cars are just not that good value in terms of price. Its use in everyday life. Including travel well Or it can be taken down immediately. The car was just responding to the driving range ever.

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