Home News Ohlins shock absorbers for Yamaha R1M horizontal fracture during operation

Ohlins shock absorbers for Yamaha R1M horizontal fracture during operation


Yamaha’s super R1M motor fitted to the teeth of the most advanced equipment from the hottest brands in the world. The SuperSport are upgrading from version R1 typically with carbon faring and Ohlins suspension reputation.

Giam xoc Ohlins tren Yamaha R1M gay ngang khi dang van hanh

Yamaha R1M Ohlins shock absorbers fitted.

Unlike the standard version, supercar R1M more enhanced default toy with electronic systems support the driver on the streets. 1 of the expensive toy car is the Ohlins suspension front fork is the line with a semi-active ERS 43mm diameter up-side-down form of the sport. Yet, despite the terrible air-brand toys exclusively used on international road race, the suspension of Ohlins fully extended horizontal fracture after the Super Sport have trouble on the road, even though other details of the front end remains intact. Through the recorded images, the vehicle probably falls on the left at the fork forks body vehicle horizontal fracture to reveal the inner spring system, observing closely, Ohlins fork body is also quite fragile.

R1M distress and fork horizontal fracture itself.
May find itself pretty flimsy forks.
Yamaha supercar equipped with a lot of options reputation.

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