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Naked Middle Size war between who I love the most in its class


Naked Middle Size war between who I love the most in its class

the master of Sport Naked Bike 4 at the start of this camp pinion transmission Honda. CB650F into battle Followed by green grasshopper camp sought toKawasaki. ER6N and training camp sounds like a Yamaha. MT-07  freshman camp, culminating with the Italian Benelli to send you TNT600 join the Sport Naked Bike class in the Middle. Sizerange of sizes up to 700 cc.  Then do not delay. As well, all the better.



Honda CB650F


Let’s begin with the first camp pinion better for Honda CB650F recently submitted a new color to reinforce the popular Motor Show 2016  , which comes with a new body color – black and white. With a green sticker Alloy wheels and comes back a large white. The black – red. The design Bearing Factory. Clearly see that The Honda wants to convey a person riding bike. A touch of sporty hybrid. Bearing Factory, with the bare bottom. Plus, with hands raised to a higher bar. Overall, It is settled Aggressive and took the

Take a look at the bottom of the Honda. CB650F some The Barenaked Superbike popular cars. With the Shock Front pour les Copic size 41 mm. The rear shock absorbers, a Monoshock size 43.5 mm. It can also adjust the Preload or long slump, too. Of course, its trailer brake system withABS with front disc brakes use 320 mm., And measures 240 mm in the rear.

The theme of the performance Honda CB650F came with four-cylinder engine is a selling point, it’s not. The engine is a 649 cc. 16 valve with up to 84 horsepower at 11,000 rev / min and torque of 63 Nm – 8,000 m / min, of course, from the specification above. During the mid to late It would have a strong resolve to do, not less. Plus, with sweet voice The four-cylinder engine makes the biker did not hesitate to come into possession of it.

For the price of Honda CB650F it is not too high. It is priced at 285,000. Baht (in plain colors), the new color version is priced at 3,000 baht, an increase of 288,000 baht if we put a price on the performance of the engine. And system functions and what it would be like the biker did well there.



Yamaha MT-07


Come together at one time from the rival camp tuning fork. At the Battle of the war has passed Yamaha MT-07 Championships. This is a model that inherits DNA from  Naked Bike seniorMT-09 in many spots but the highlight can be observed clearly it is. The lamp functions has been redesigned. Equipped with illumination and a seven-sided bar for hands. It is in a good position. Not high or too low Adjacent to the bar is a hands Speedometer elegant design. There is a touch ofSport Bike little for a digital gauge. That is to say almost anything, whether the fuel level in the tank. The numbers tell a gear RPM The numbers tell the speed while driving and many other necessary and Yamaha MT-07 is a handsome vehicle. With a tail light LED stylish. And it is equally interesting. Shape Design Bearing Factory all. To have a combination of Naked. Bike and the way ahead Or Adventure into a little Overall, Handsome, not quite play out.

For suspension of  Yamaha MT-07  comes with a vibration. Or shock absorbers, front KYBsize 41 mm. The shock absorbers, rear single adjustable to nine levels of front and rear wheels with 17-inch front tire size 120 / 70ZR-17. and rear tire size 180 / 70ZR-17 front brake system uses 4-piston calipers with 282 mm disc size. the first piston caliper rear disc that comes with 245 mm. brakes with ABS for models sold in the uS.

Take a look at some of the engine Yamaha. MT-07 comes with a hot racetrack of globalCrossplane. Crankshaft , but for the MT-07  is a CP2 with the number two cylinder engine with a cylinder capacity of 689 cc. DOHC 8 valves for cooling water. With the fuel system injector EFITrailers with horsepower up to 74 at 9000 rev / min and torque of 68 Newton – meters at 6500 rev / min, driven by a gearbox six-speed clutch hands wet. It is expected that the speed at the end of theYamaha MT-07 mobile units will not flow much. But in terms of agility and driving fun. Is definitely second to none

The cost of Yamaha MT-07  is 299 000 Baht , which is considered the price is not too high.When we take the fun out of driving, we’ll get out of it. Plus, various technologies The camp tuning fork Yamaha has developed to date on an ongoing basis.



Kawasaki ER6N


Another version is absolutely indispensable for  Sport Naked Bike class in the Middle. Sizerange of sizes up to 700 cc. It is Kawasaki. ER6N is known as the open market to the Naked.Bike in our house ever By thy ER6N  comes with a design that is Naked. Bike full It is evident from the bare Bearing Factory set to active. With large fuel tanks. Set a new style lamp See All are beautifully designed with aggressive side turn signal stalk sticking out. Cohan’s bar size that moves agile driving seat now two separate and clearly. Culminating with LED taillights designed similar to a heart shape. And a short rear fender In terms of dimensions, the vehicle Kawasaki ER6N  this length 2110 mm., Width 770 mm., And height of 1110 mm., With a wheelbase of 1410 mm. The height of the car is. the 130 mm. seat height 805 mm. all of my Kawasaki. ER6N weight of the car is 206 kg with a fuel tank capacity of up to 16 liters of it.

For the suspension of Kawasaki ER6N comes with shock absorbers front Thales Copic 41 mm size. Shock after a single horizontal parallel to the vehicle frame. Progesterone Support in forceExcellent In terms of balance and it’s carefree Not only is the camp, Green Giant will also provide reassurance to riders with the disc brakes, dual front 300mm. With ABS brakes and rear disc brakes Single 220 mm. m. the system comes with ABS as well. The tires come in size. 120 / 70ZR17M / C (58W) and the rear tires come in size. 160 / 60ZR17M / C (69W), which is to help grip the road as well.

For the Kawasaki ER6N  the engine block, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, water-cooled. In the heat of the engine, so do not worry. The capacity of the cylinder is 649 cc. It also complements the brutality with which the valve DOHC 8 valves show strength with a little rest. For the sake of compression ratio is 10.8: 1, there is a 75 horsepower, torque 64 Nm – m.

For the price of the Kawasaki. ER6N  was set at 278,000 Baht which is worth so much.Compared to the performance received. Style Sport Naked Bike full cylinder.



Benelli TNT600


The camp ends with a new car in Italy. Camp Benelli sent you TNT600 championships in this time of war. By thy Benelli TNT600 with design in the shape of a typical person riding a traditional bike. The only factor bearing on the top. Below is a strip show. With a car frame trusses. The raw emotion typical of a car in the shape Sport Naked Bike Headlight is designed to ensure the beauty.Lamps with medium The design is aggressive The placement details on the dial, the Benelli ‘s blend of sports. The classic combination of Speedometer this. It can be measured comprehensively. The measure engine speed Speed indicator With the distance Fuel Level Sensors In a sense, everything really

For the suspension of Benelli TNT600  with front suspension and Thales Copic head back.Shock absorbers and rear shock absorbers, coil springs and a single. Adjustable settings for both hard and soft springs themselves. The rear shock absorber is working with swing arm. And clamped off center of the car to move in the right side of the car. The brake system is provided with confidence with front disc brakes measuring 320 mm. 4-piston brake calipers with Monoblockcolorful. The rear brake uses a single 240 mm. 1 piston brake calipers.

The engine came to see it. For the Benelli TNT600  engine capacity of 600 cc. 4 valves / cylinder delivers power through a six-speed gearbox cooling system with water. This will provide enthusiasts driving trips far enough below the horsepower of the  Benelli. TNT600  with up to 82 at 11 000 r / min and maximum torque of 55 Newton – meters at 8000 rev / min is not enough.Because the payment of the oil here. Use a nozzle and electronic EFI as well.

The price of the Benelli TNT600  at 289,000 THB  will be available in two colors, white and black design in the Italian style. It is a choice no less interesting for the biker who appreciate unique.The dual exhaust system that raises the height of the Benelli TNT600 aircraft.



Compare the shot to shot.



Drill down to see every corner.


Basic details Honda CB650F, Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki ER6N, Benelli TNT600.

 Basic details  Honda CB650F  Yamaha MT-07  Kawasaki ER6N  Benelli TNT600
 engine  4-cylinder  2 cylinder CP2  4-stroke, two-cylinder  4-cylinder
 Displacement  649 cc.  689 cc.  649 cc.  600 cc.
 valve  DOHC 16-valve  DOHC 8 valves  DOHC 8 valves  DOHC 16-valve
 Small Bore / Stroke  67 x 46 mm.  80.0 x 68.2 mm.  –  65 × 45.2 mm.
 horsepower  86 hp at 8,000 rev / min.  74 hp at 9,000 rev / min.  75 hp  82 hp at 11,000 rev / min.
 torque 63 Newton – meters at 8000 rev / min.  68 Newton – meters at 6500 rev / min.  64 Newton – meters  55 Newton – meters at 8000 rev / min.
 Compression ratio  11.4: 1  12.0: 1  10.8: 1  12.0: 1
 Transmission  6-speed manual transmission  6-speed manual transmission  6-speed manual transmission  6-speed manual transmission
 Fuel  PGM-FI fuel injection  The electronic fuel injection EFI.  –  The electronic fuel injection EFI.
Brake system starting hands  starting hands  starting hands  starting hands
Clutch system Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  Clutch wet hands Multiplate.
Front Tire Size  –  120/70ZR-17  120/70ZR17M/C (58W)  –
Rear tire size  –  180/70ZR-17  160/60ZR17M/C (69W)  –
Shock absorbers front Shock Thales Copic.  Shock Thales Copic KYB.  Thales Copic size 41 mm.  Shock Thales Copic head back.
Shock absorbers rear Monoamm Preload  Single Adjustable 9 level (with arm). Shock after single horizontal.  Adjustable coil springs (with Swing Arm).
front brakes Disc brakes with ABS  Disc brakes with ABS  300 mm twin disc brakes. ABS.  Disc brakes with 320 mm.
brake Disc ABS brakes  Disc ABS brakes  220 mm disk brakes. ABS.  240 mm disk brakes.
Length x Width x Height 2,110 x 775 x 1,120 mm.  2,055 x 745 x 1,090 mm.  2,110 x 770 x 1,110 mm.  2155 x 765 x 1100 mm.
Seat height 810 mm.  805 mm.  805 mm.  800 mm.
weight 211 kg.  182 kg.  206 kg.  190 kg.
Tank capacity 17.3 liters  14 liters  16 liters  18 liters
price 285,000, 288,000 baht  299,000 Baht  278,000 Baht  289,000 Baht



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