HARLEY DAVIDSON launched two new “XG500 undertakings XG750” ready for the fair MOTOR SHOW

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I have seen campers motorcycle that has launched a motorcycle and offer all the camp by one of the proposed camp motorcycle Chopper Bike naturalized American Harley Davidson has created a space for. Chopper sells both classic and new. It also sells souvenirs. And launched a new Chopper Bike Harley Davidson XG500 and Harley Davidson XG750 fully


The motorcycle Ee Harley Davidson also dress in style, Slim Fit Custom (Slim Fit Custom) collection applications designed for Asians only, and do not miss the special campaigns announced. across the region, the International Freedom passport (passport to Freedom), the Harley – Davidson will offer discounts to customers up to 14,750 baht for the registration of a motorcycle.


Harley Davidson has launched a motorcycle Chopper Bike Motor Show 2016 at the latest mid Harley Davidson XG500 and Harley Davidson XG750 has been launched with the full price including.

Harley Davidson XG500 price 449,000 Baht
Harley Davidson XG750 price 499,000 Baht
However, like the grilled team MotoNaked wanted friends who are interested can visit the American motor car as the other. This is the part of the newly released. Or other models of Harley. Davidson were cool air but the body is known. Teenager hit well. Friends can find beautiful car in the event of Harley Davidson Bangkok International Motor Show between April 23 to 3, the building Challengrer Arena.


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