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Motorcycle Exhibition – Vietnam motorbike MS 2016


Motorcycle Exhibition – Vietnam motorbike (VMCS 2016) was officially opened today 07.04.2016. Although the organization is the first time, but 2016 is an exhibition VMCS car is really worth seeing with the monumental scale organizations, many new model launches and vehicle class lines from famous names such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Piaggio, Ducati, SYM, Benelli.

Besides the car company has a foothold in the market, the exhibition is also a chance VMCS 2016 marked the launch of many new brands such as Aprilia, Victory, Indian Motorcycle. Notably, the emergence many insect hand cars in VMCS 2016 shows a new trend of the market in the near future.

The focus of this year’s exhibition is the premiere Honda unexpected insecticidal hand vehicles 150 cc underbone new Winner to compete directly with rivals Yamaha Exciter 150. Winner of the highlights of 150 compared to its competitors located in the 6-speed gearbox and LED headlight technology.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6430.

Honda will offer the exhibit VMS 2016 superbike his peak form, including the RC213V MotoGP racing and its commercial version RC213V-S is priced up to $ 184,000 per aircraft and limited production numbers at 350 units.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6424.

Honda 150cc naked bike’s form recently launched in Indonesia last year, CB150R Streetfire also appeared at the exhibition.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6432.
VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6428.

There is also a Cub electric EV concept completely.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6426.

City Adventure Concept Honda debuted the world last year in November at EICMA.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6429.

NM4 Vultus Concept features the use of dual-clutch gearbox 6-speed.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6436.

Offroad professional race car Honda 300RR Cota.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6557.

The heart of the Suzuki booth at the 2016 VMS Model racing superbike serve MotoGP in 2016, called GSX-RR.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6450.

Suzuki also displayed the adventure / dual-sport large, V-Strom 1000.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6452.

In addition, Suzuki also launched classic cars GD110 official.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6482.

The most notable cars at the booth of Yamaha’s scooter concept 04GEN with stylish design.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6502.

The highlight of this year’s VMAs Yamaha at the company delivers a broad range of naked-bike models, from M-SLAZ 150 cc.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6495.

Until MT-03


VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6485.
VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6499.

And both XSR900

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6470.

Yamaha also brings many other diverse product line, from the influx of large displacement scooters to cars UTV, car locusts and the beautiful cars.

Kawasaki launches 3 new models at VMS 2016. Of these, the most prominent is the Ninja ZX-1000 cc sport 10R 2016 starting price is almost the lowest in the segment, only 549 million. In addition, Kawasaki also introduced the Sport Touring Ninja 1000 ABS 2016 and ABS 1000 Versys 2016 Adventure line.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6591.
VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6513.

Piaggio and Vespa booth no new scooter models, except the newly introduced ABS Medley in recent times. Most prominent in this perhaps booth electric bikes Piaggio Wi-Bike with a range of 120 km and capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6504.

Next to Piaggio and Vespa’s booth is the booth of the 2 brands of large motorcycles from Italy’s Aprilia and Moto Guzzi other. This is probably the first time the field greeting Aprilia in Vietnam.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6510.

Moto Guzzi back to Vietnam market with these cars and classic style is the “quality” private.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6530.

SYM this time focusing on insect hand cars brought VMCS 2016 when a lot of choices. Most prominent is the 300 Cafe Racer ABS Wolf.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6538.

The SYM 300 T3 share with Wolf 300 engine but possessed a more modern style.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6536.

In addition, there is the XE 125. Unknown SYM distribution plan this hand insect samples in Vietnam in the near future or not.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6535.

The small scooter SYM Shark Mini 125 for the first time on display to visitors, after the Threshold has launched the exhibition.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6533.

SYM also brought two concept cars. The first is a 500 scooter Maxsym.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6525.

Next is the 4-wheel electric vehicles Ex4U.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6448.

Benelli provides VMS 2016 exhibition almost full line of its current products.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6585.

Ducati, Piaggio, Honda and Yamaha also gives visitors the opportunity to experience their latest products at the outdoor testing area.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6552.

2 motorcycle brand from Victory and Indian Motorcycle USA is also present in the VMCS 2016.

VMCS 2016_Xe.tinhte.vn-6545.

Many care brand accessories and ancillary products for motor vehicles contribute to the diversity for VMCS 2016 exhibition.

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