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MOTOR SHOW: Triumph’s price BONNEVILLE T120 / BLACK THRUXTON R and official


Triumph troops bring new models to show both families Bonnie Neville’s Street, Queen, Bon Neville T120, Bonnie Neville T120 Black and loved Princeton R with. unveiled the official price at the Motor Show 2016 along North Street Triple RX limited edition with a special low-interest promotions and special offers. It also launched a set formula Inspiration Kits for families Bonnie Neville for the first time at this event as well.


Queen Street is a model family car Bonnie Neville a contemporary possible. 900 cc engine with high torque and maximum torque of 80 Nm at a low 3,200 rev / min, which is superior engine Bonnie Neville previous generation to 18% of torque is delivered at full power. Priced at 390,000 baht

The Bon Neville T120 and T120 Black comes with a performance motorcycle Modern Classic thoroughbred. Engine torque generation 1200 cc and chassis twin throttle addition Bonnie Neville T120 and T120 Black has been developed to meet all the demands of driving a modern classic. With an enormous torque of 105 Nm at 3100 r / min, which is higher than the engine in the T100 to 54%.


Bon Bon Neville Neville, T120 and T120 Black for 530,000 baht (6,500 baht added Matt Graphite color is 536,500 baht) plus delivery June.

For high-performance motorcycle-style “café racer” a modern classic true love Princeton R comes with a 1200 cc engine braking and control performance. For the perfect driving The look is classic Bondi Neville. In immediate response The maximum torque of 112 Nm at 4 950 r / min, which is higher than the engine at Princeton’s previous generation to 68% priced at 600,000 baht official with delivery June.

คุณเวียร์ คุณจักรพงษ์ ศานติรัตน์ ผู้จัดการทั่วไป คุณปราจิน เอี่ยมลำเนา คุณดอม คุณเชน

It also launched the Street Triple’s RX limited edition that comes with a new Diablo Red and Matt Aluminium Silver and Jet Black colors, including the exclusive new color wheel. End new sportier version was inspired by Daytona. Triumph in the past There are also accessories factory is a collection Quick Shifter breast Belly Pan and Engineering Fair Fly Screen is priced at 480,000 baht.

The offer is still not complete alone. The Triumph has a promotion inspiring for car air-cooled super classic in love Max Pendleton 900 and Tiger 800 for the North’s Max Pendleton 900 special 0% interest free bill. Free registration fee. And free gift vouchers worth 3,000 baht a Tiger 800 free storage boxes made of aluminum and equipped with a total value of 46,800 baht with free bill. Free registration fee and a low interest rate. All of these great deals. For those who want to occupy all time classic.


And the first of Triumph. The first launch of Inspiration Kits set a full set of new families Bonnie Neville.
By following style


Bonnie Neville Street Twin: Brat Tracker Kit contains a piercing line up for city driving and Urban Kit for sporty driving comfort.
Bonnie Neville T120: Prestige car kit that adds exquisite luxury in the classic.
Bonnie Neville’s beloved Princeton R: Track Racer styling kit super neat. Get inspiration from motorcycle racing thoroughbred.
Those interested Triumph motorcycle in the other models. It can be equipped with a range of more than 150 items and a motor showroom Triumph stores.


Mr. Hughes General Manager Chakrabongse Peace Triumph Motor Cycle (Thailand), said: “This year’s Triumph army major motor show. The goods to those who appreciate the big bike class premium. Watch range The latest version of the classic motorcycle Car Limited Edition. A kit car is equipped as ever. Including costumes to promote the lifestyle of the driver. Underscores a new era of Triumph World of Accessories are also promotions that are extremely provocative. Which is expected to sell well. This year, expect sales of Triumph will grow to around 10% from a year ago in the Bangkok market accounted for 60% of total sales. “


Those interested are invited to meet with Triumph motorcycle at the motor show in 2016 at the Challenger Hall 1 at Impact Muang Thong Thani during March 23-April 3 this year.


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