KTM 1290 Super Duke R VS Ducati Monster 1200R Super Naked Bike

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Motorcycle giants led by Austrian KTM submitted KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition comes into the tournament in this war. The auto giants from Italy, Ducati , he does not feel aDucati Monster 1200R family of Monster championships together every corner today. This is one of the best Super Naked Bike to watch it.



KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition was produced in just one year.


Let’s begin with the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition  before me. For the  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition model. Has been officially launched in Thailand on April 23, 2559, a special edition out on the success of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R has received a warm welcome from a twisted brand of orange around the world. by the  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition comes with a design style Super naked Bike evident from the series of nude Bearing Factory. To show a car frame trusses Molybdenum orange and white stripes. The front headlamps with a single lamp that is uniquely designed. Above the screen is the presence of light triangle LED Speedometer part of the  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition is designed to be larger. A telling detail of the engine as a needle. And said speed digital Paired with handle bar made fat. The body suit driving style Naked. Bike mood



Headlight singles uniquely designed lamps. With integrated LED turn signal triangle



Speedometer of KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition is designed to be larger. Indicative ValuesClearly


The special KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition also comes with a new bracket mane. Will add strength to the hands. The installations are hidden beneath the mane neatly flick. For control and stable braking time. The vehicle brake and clutch which can be adjusted several directions. The seats have been ergonomically designed to make up the extra. For driving in races in particular. Part of the fuel tank is designed to be larger. That can hold up to 18 liters of fuel, culminating with stylish rear lights in LED black.



Suspension of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition.


For the suspension of the  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition comes with shock absorbers front Thales Copic upside of  WP 48 mm. At a stage collapse at 125 mm. The systems. the rear suspension is a single shock absorber WP mono shock. To collapse to 156 mm. Grips with Pro-Arm swingarm. The front brake system with disc brakes front KTM Power Parts calipers withBrembo rear disc brakes with single KTM Power Parts paired with Caliper’s Breambo.



The Evil Twin size of 1301 cc. To power up to 173 horsepower.


For the strength of the  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition cars. Comes with 2-cylinder engine  The Evil Twin Size 1301 cc. The diameter / stroke cylinder at 108 x 71 mm. Ignition injector Keihin EFI , with the throttle 52 mm. The transmission gear 6. speed wet clutch system PASCTM Slipper Clutch clutch with a hydraulic press. That powers up to 173 horsepower, water-cooled. And exhaust pipes through  Akrapovic , designed to  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition only.



KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition with up to 1.325 million baht.


For  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition was priced at  1.325 million. THB and subject to availability Since the KTM intends to produce  KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition of only one year as a model to create a special trailer for Devil orange as well.



Ducati Monster 1200R … was named as the best version of the ‘Monster.


Together with another car a worthy opponent in Super Naked Bike heavyweights Italy.Camp Ducati sent  Monster 1200R into the biker war car enthusiasts Super Naked Bike this time. The external design of the Ducati Monster 1200R  is still a concept version of Monster , which is unique to the Ducati completely. The thing that was most dominant would frame trusses Tubular steel Trellis frame with  Tri-W add the large tank designed to look sleek. Headlight continues its series Monster with a single headlight fixture. Turning a rod protruding. Before installing Farrow small page to another. Handmade Noodle Bar was installed to increase the Naked.Bike clearly



He flicked OHLINS be installed as standard equipment.


Ducati Monster 1200R  has deployed Ducati Traction Control (DTC) system to prevent wheel spin by. You can adjust all eight levels and modes will be available with all three models is theUrban -focused city driving, the Adventure is running out for trips further afield. Finally, the Sportis driving a dramatic increase it even more, each model will determine the horsepower and torque.Including the work of the brake ABS different. It also comes with a flick of the OHLINS Speedometer on the part of the  Ducati Monster 1200R This car comes with a digital screen color. The full details For biker enthusiasts in technology. The design of the house I would like miles Ducati Monster 1200R certainly.



Screen Cover LCD models detailed digital.



OHLINS suspension from both front and rear.


For the suspension of the  Ducati Monster 1200R  comes with front suspension and Thales Copic upside of OHLINS 48 mm. The adjustable preload it. On the back is still a function of the shock absorbers OHLINS to absorb shocks as well. It comes in the form  Progressive Link works with Single-Sided Swingarm (Arms Depot) between the front brake. Comes with disc brakes, dual Semi-floating radial mount 330 mm. Paired with calipers 4 POT of Brembo rear section with a single disk, 245 mm. Paired with Caliper’s. Brembo brake system comes with ABS and front and rear.



L-Twin cylinder engine powers two sizes 1198.4 cc. The brawny 160 horsepower.


For the power of the  Ducati Monster 1200R  comes with a two-cylinder L-Twin Size 1198.4 cc. Cooled with water. Transmission via six-speed transmission that delivers 160 peak horsepower at 9,250 rev / min and a maximum torque of 131.4 Nm – 7750 m / min, which can speed from 0-100 km / hour it. in just 3 seconds and a maximum speed of more than 250 fighters km / hour easily. Without worrying about the Throttle or nothing much



Ducati Monster 1200R



Well, a shot per shot.



Delve into every corner


Table Basics KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition with Ducati Monster 1200R.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition.  Spector basic details Ducati Monster 1200R
 Two  -cylinder  V-Twin  engine  2 L-Twin cylinder
 1301 cc.  Displacement 1198.4 cc.
 DOHC 4-valve / cylinder  valve  DOHC 4-valve / cylinder
 108 mm x 71 mm  Small Bore / Stroke  –
  173 HP  horsepower 160 HP @ 9,250 Rpm
144 Nm  torque 131.4 Nm @ 7,750 rpm
  –  Compression ratio  –
Manual 6 Speed  Transmission  Manual 6 Speed
 Fuel Injection Keihin EFI  Fuel   Fuel injection
Electric start (cell)  Brake system  Electric start (cell)
PASCTM Slipper clutch  System Clutch  Clutch wet hands Multiplate. 
 Front Tire Size 120/70 ZR17
 Rear tire size 200/55 ZR17
 UpsideDown WP 48 mm.  Shock Absorber Page  UpsideDown OHLINS 48 mm. 
WP MonoShock, Single-sided Swingarm.  Rear Shock Absorber OHLINS Progressive Link, Single-sided Swingarm.
KTM Power Parts caliper Brembo.  front brake Semi-floating disc 330 mm. Brembo system with ABS.
KTM Power Parts caliper Brembo.  rear   A single 245 mm disc. Allaah Brembo system with ABS.
 Length x Width x Height
 835 mm.  Seat height  –
 189 kg  weight
18 liters  Capacity fuel tank  –
1,325,000 Baht  Price  –


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