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KTM 1290 Super Duke code but gorgeous in the photos R Angels & Demons


KTM 1290 Super Duke R elder brother KTM Duke family, own a pit appearance lines with traditional design, the characteristics of the cars from automakers Austria. This is the most powerful form today nakedbike when equipped with engine block with a capacity of up to 180 horsepower and a special car weighs only 184 kg relatively light.

Appeared in the extremely impressive image of photographer William Wild, but the Super Duke R 1290 KTM code with two different versions, a white version as “angels” remains the natural beauty of the pit version is equipped with plenty of toys and a polar substance black version as “evil” owns a breakthrough appearance with more built in fierce caps and more bunkers, both 2 have redness impressive figure beside her beautiful personality and DJ Dolly.

KTM 1290 Super Duke R possesses a unique appearance while the pit does not have any curve, but all the details are designed with the sharpest lines. The highlight is the headlights with two orange tiles on the bottom is sharp-edged, Duke turned into a warrior 1290 undefeated, ready to crush all barriers. Cluster fuel tank and two bibs spoiler is also made with floating veins, increasing the inherent muscle car.

Part eyelet frame is a combination of traditional orange and white KTM’s rear end brings serenity to Duke in 1290. The most notable clusters is part rear mounted unit, showing off the trays with the X mount quite beautiful. Gripping part is also a detailed menu shows the character of the car “Flagship” elevated than the vehicles are on the market.

Not only the looks but KTM pit Super Duke 1290 delivers a great experience from the most powerful engine block in the current nakedbike line. As V-Twin engine with 75 degree angle, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, cylinder capacity reaches 1,301 cubic centimeters. The maximum capacity of the vehicle up to 180 horsepower at 8870 rpm rev / min and 144 Nm of torque reached, bevel gearbox 6-speed manual.

There’s a pretty special thing KTM 1290 Super Duke that R has the ability to change the drive mode through the central finger on khien.Moi parameters are displayed on the LCD screen butt, displaying speed and coolant temperature, fuel consumption rates … all very intuitive, simple to help drivers control their beast easiest.

But that was not enough, KTM 1290 Super Duke R is equipped with ABS braking system control extremely safe. The driver also has the ability to enable and disable the ABS system of the car and set the car became a Supermoto lets slip rear wheels while keeping the front wheel ABS works, it’s wonderful and many feel sensory stimulation.

Processing capability on the highway or street KTM Super Duke R 1290 is amazing to say, but is big, very big, but it certainly was not a heavy car entangled buzzing. And to reaffirm the 1290 Super Duke Flexible cuaKTM R, 3 vehicle driving mode is Street, Sport and Rain, if Street and Sport mode, the car remains the same 180-horsepower power mode, the Rain , due to muddy roads, dangerous, slippery, power will be installed at 100 horsepower, making the car safer and avoid the unfortunate collision, if you’re driving, can switch operating modes without stopping . Vehicles equipped with switch mode drive system with 4 buttons on the left.

Information indicators Super Duke R 1290 KTM:
Engine: 2-cylinder V-Twin 75 degrees, 4-stroke, 1.301cc, 6 numbers, water radiators
Maximum power: 180 HP @ 8870 RPM
Torque: 144 Nm @ 6,500 RPM
Engine compression ratio: 13.2: 1
Bore x Stroke: 108 x 71 mm
Rear tires: 190 / 55ZR-17 Dunlop SportSmart 2
Front tire: 120 / 70ZR-17 Dunlop SportSmart 2
Brakes: 1 x 240 mm disc, 2-piston Brembo pork oil, ABS by Bosch
Front brake: 2 x 320 mm discs, Brembo 4-piston pork oil, ABS by Bosch
Rear suspension: WP firm
The front suspension: WP firm, reverse journey, non-48 mm
Chassis height: 140 mm
Seat height: 835 mm
Fuel tank: 18 liters
Weight without gas: 189 kg
Gasoline weight: 202 kg

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