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Kawazaki Z1000 even fired … but not as fun By Gab Injection



Mention the charm of a giant motorcycle. Also affectionately known BigBike. (Big Bike) ago. If I was fascinated by these two wheels, it is known that the withdrawal would sigh seemed well do it here. The charm of it Not only the external design course. But also to the performance. The provocation for you not to try driving on two wheels, then the giant. The biker will be exposed to many more. The reason is that the majority of the biker. Love and continue to drive the giant wheel is sweltering in the sun as well.



Kawasaki Z1000 force from Camp Green Giant.

Of course, it’s …. Today, we have built up a model BigBike leave fans of Racing Magazine column, as well as ever. The name of the queue the packet from his camp giant green Kawasaki (Kawasaki) heavyweights Z1000 with its 2013 portable bouncing. But still, passive aggressive Active with style and Kawasaki Z1000 Our hero this time you have a decent young love potion charm of a big bike into the blood. It is also a collector car big bike too much force.



The power of the shield … fun.

By this gap … you are willing to open their home team to Kawasaki Z1000 you glimpse a big bike in the car, possession of another vehicle through which your cap decorated with items from leading brands. That allows you to add Luke Z1000 aircraft. Look handsome style-name jackets were reprimanded.



Side of the Kawasaki Z1000 looks robust.



Front view Fierce Style With indication Bureau

Let’s start at the outside The white body color with black trim. With the marriage of carbon and scored lightly with orange added to the car is a little brighter. The area Farrow windshield. You can choose to fill the gap casting and reduce the impact of wind at high speeds with a shield in front of a Carbon Magical Racing.



Speedometer carbon cap set by Magical Racing.



He flicked up from Hyperpro RSC LTD.

Screen Cover Z1000 series is digital. You can put a decent cover Speedometer. Cover and set carbon frame with a mane of Magical Racing has changed hands a red-orange color from popular brands from Rizoma. With each flick of fresh orange dress Hyperpro RSC LTD legs and catch a flick gold.



Mirror’s brand CRG Arrow.



Clutch composed of Active.



Lights up from MD

Reposition the mirror a little more. With the installation of the glass CRG Arrow’s hands with a crushing performance in the drawings by the author Gale Speed brake and clutch hand from the author. Active parts of the tail lights were put up by the MD.



Front caliper Brembo M4

Take a look at the bottom to do better by Gap has chosen to upgrade the efficiency of the brakes by installing caliper front Brembo M4 size 108 mm. With braided line from Active System Fit for the defeat of the hypersensitive. in the high-speed



Racing in front of you



Crash Bar จาก Slash Guard



Akrapovic exhaust system to a pack

To enhance security in the event of falling into a front wheel. Or a fall from a K-Factory and the machine has been installed Crash Bar from Slash Guard to protect the machine in case of emergency. As well as a set of cards ranges from K-Factory rear suspension upgrades by changing the indent celebrated Shock mount calipers and rear Agras. At the end of the cool, soft baritone voice and powerful exhaust author of the popular brands of these biker with Akrapovic.



Behind the wheel of speeding up the overflow.


Banteay the sportier of the Kawasaki Z1000.

This car is one of your rod cap Kawasaki Z1000. Called a style of dress that looks cool. But loaded with items Hock leading brands, whether it is a flick Exhaust Shield includes lights up. That enhances the look you give this big bike. These look more attractive levels. Racing Magazine in the column next to the forks.


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