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Kawasaki Z900 vs Suzuki GSX-S750


Kawasaki Z900 vs Suzuki GSX-S750

Kawasaki Z900 vs. Suzuki GSX-S750 war Naked Bike contended cc. Just the basics well, it wins more than half.


To meet again Compare all articles for a motorcycle waiting workflow Motor Expo 2016 that began from 1st till December 12 this camp motorcycle leading the country. The same release Troops and innovation On display in a bustle. It is a pair of Battle this time.

For the Battle of this is found in the car Naked Bike model, the second generation is Kawasaki Z900 Green Giant latest trunk. That’s a provocative replaced Z800 and the Suzuki GSX-S750 car Naked Bike latest from camp mad  Suzuki 750 cc capacity that comes in. But carry a degree of provocation. And the innovative technology that exceeds class this matter cc. No issues. Stressed that satisfy Based on the outstanding


Kawasaki Z900


Let’s start at Camp Green Giant, well before the Kawasaki Z900 new parking stands majestically inside the booth Kawasaki at the Motor Expo 2016 by Prince Z900 newly developed under the DNA of family Z of Kawasaki perfectly by blending. the Z1000 and Z800 filled with gimmicks. Upgrades and new sensations Make the trip more Under the design, driving fun. In the lighter weight of the vehicle.


The fierce light of new Kawasaki Z900.


For the new Kawasaki Z900 emphasize aggressive (Aggressive) , typical of a family of Z comes with full design inspiring than ever. The front comes with new headlights. Bearing Factory series with a bare chassis. New car frame to show The frame is green, the color of the knitting of the camp. It weighs only 13.5 kg, but still as strong as ever. The new fuel tank design provides active. Consistent with the stance and driving agility than ever before. It can hold up to 17 liters of fuel, the seat is now split in two by the rider seat height is designed to only 794 mm. In order to control the vehicle easier. Culminating with a new tail light LED illumination is the letter “Z” exciting.


Speedometer digital Show details complemented with Shift Light on the LCD.


Speedometer section of  the new Kawasaki Z900  digital. Display screen LCD that tells the details of the engine rooms. It also comes Shift Light the fire location and timing gear changes. That can set the gear changes. You can enjoy driving in your own style.


Upside Down front fork and brake discs with 300 mm disc. Nissin caliper brakes with ABS.


Shock Mono Shock placed horizontal link unit works with swing arm.


For the suspension of new Kawasaki Z900 comes with front suspension Upside Down , size 41 mm. Adjustable  Preload and recovery Rebound in detail. At the rear is a Horizontal Back-link a unit links with swingarm. You can adjust the  Preload like the brakes on the front with a disk large double 300 mm., Working with the brake system ABS of Nissin (the Z800 version that was released in the US earlier this ABS) and back. with disk brakes and 250 mm. the wheels are five-spoke design of the new options are also available assist & Slipper Clutch helps the rear wheels do not flick. Or gear lock time as severe.


Powered four-cylinder 948 cc. DOHC 16-valve power 125 hp and torque of 98.6 Nm – m.


The power of the new Kawasaki Z900 comes with a four-cylinder 948 cc engine. DOHC 16-valve cooling water. Fuel injection system  Fuel injection 36 mm., And sent through a six-speed transmission with clutch hand. The design torque in the speed range from the mid to late delivery, but will focus more than ever softness. To power up to 125 hp at 9,500 rev / min and maximum torque of 98.6 Nm – m to a top speed of over 250 km / h.


Kawasaki Z900 Price 399,000 baht and 429,000 baht in the Standard version Model Special.


For the price of a  new Kawasaki Z900 was set at  399,000 baht in the Standard and  429,000 baht in a Special (Special Edition with special colors, patterns and graphics and special equipment installed at. Single rear seat cushion cover, cap gauge, power supply box DC, radiator cards, a slider, slider, ring machines, each falling front wheel, disc scratches tank. Slipped and plate), which is commensurate price. And do not do it.


Suzuki GSX-S750


Together the freshman of Naked Bike well with Suzuki GSX-S750 refuge was officially launched recently in Thailand at the Motor Expo 2016  by Prince  Suzuki GSX-S750 model is the highlight of the Suzuki on. this year, it’s not It comes a stern look provocative. Combined with advanced technology The power capacity of 750 cc. To be raised compared with the coordinates of 900 cc. Since the foundation of the car as a whole. Can not be compared to the 650 cc class. The superior multi-hole itself.


Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with a single headlight fixture. Light design with tough


For  Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with a design typical of the aggressive, provocative Naked Bike fully pumped from the front with a single headlight lamps with dimmer design. Bearing Factory set side strip fierce. With a tough new fuel tank design. Capacity up to 16 liters of fuel control, steering handlebars with two bar seats at two separate levels, culminating with a tail light LED.


Speedometer Full LCD that tell the engine fully digital.


Speedometer of the  Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with a screen, Full LCD with a detailed description of the engine rooms. All drive functions Digital displays Whether it is engine, speedometer, time, engine temperature, odometer, the fire alarm system ABS and the fire alarm system  Traction Control.


Nissin front brake system of the latest model Radial Mount with double brake system ABS.


Mono Shock rear suspension swingarm works with a Tapered.


The suspension of the Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with front suspension Upside Down  , size 41 mm. Of KYB and Rear Mono Shock with swingarm, designed in the style of Tapered for the front brake. Using the newest brake Nissin a Floating Disk fastened with a pin Radial Mount puts the brakes on short-term confidence and has worked with the braking system ABS is standard at the factory. The rear brake is a single disc. Working with the caliper Nissin as well by running on 10-spoke alloy wheels, a new band with tires Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 on quality rest. Another important highlight of the Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with the Traction Control (to prevent wheel spin) that can be adjusted to three levels can be adjusted by hand on the car. Available in appropriate situations.


Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with a four-cylinder 749 cc engine. DOHC 16 valve 115 hp.


The powerful engine of the Suzuki GSX-S750 comes with a four-cylinder 749 cc engine. DOHC 16-valve cooling water. The fuel injection system. Transmission via six-speed transmission with clutch hand. Installation and upgrade New Low RPM Assist , which helps in the low torque controlled more easily. You can create up to 115 horsepower (8 to more than its predecessor), which will result in a clear idea about the speed course. The acceleration in the speed. And the car itself It meets Euro 4 is completed.


Suzuki GSX-S750 price of 347,000 baht.


For the price of a  Suzuki GSX-S750 is open to  only 347,000 baht , which recently launched recently within the Motor Expo 2016 is Naked Bike new one generation to another. The highlight of the camp Suzuki this year ever.


Compare the shot to shot.


Well, every corner


Comparative data on Kawasaki Z900 Suzuki GSX-S750.

Kawasaki Z900  Spector basic details Suzuki GSX-S750
 4-cylinder  engine  4-cylinder 
948 cc.  Displacement 749 cc.
DOHC 4-valve / cylinder  valve  DOHC 4-valve / cylinder
 Small Bore / Stroke 72 mm x 46 mm
125 HP @9,500 rpm  horsepower 115 HP
98.6 Nm  torque
 Compression ratio  12.3: 1
Manual 6 Speed  Transmission  Manual 6 Speed
 Fuel injection  Fuel   Fuel injection
Electric start (cell)  Brake system  Electric start (cell)
Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  System Clutch  Clutch wet hands Multiplate. 
120/70ZR17M/C (58W)  Front Tire Size 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
180/55ZR17M/C (73W)  Rear tire size 180/55ZR17M/C (73W)
Upside Down 41 mm.  Shock Absorber Page Upside Down 41 mm.
Horizontal Back-link  Rear Shock Absorber Link Type
Twin Disc 300 mm. Brakes with ABS.  front brake  Twin Floating Disc brakes with ABS.
Disc size 250 mm. Brakes ABS.  rear   Single disc ABS with brake
2,070 x 820 x 1,065 mm.  Length x Width x Height 2,125 x 785 x 1,055 mm.
795 mm.  Seat height 820 mm.
210 kg.  weight  213 kg.
17 liters  Capacity fuel tank  16 liters
399,000 Baht  Price 347,000 Baht



For those who are interested and chairperson car Naked Bike  the two versions of the BoxzaRacing  the Battle at this time whether the Kawasaki Z900 and the Suzuki GSX-S750  both have advantages. And features vary.

If you like the Naked Bike comes with driving the dramatic power. Latent in the body strong, hardy. Combined with a unique look. It can be your style. I have raised it to  Kawasaki Z900  in response to this. If one car enthusiasts Naked Bike riding smoothly. Combined with the innovative technology that is fully installed. Along with the basic brake system with superior bracket series Radial Mount in an easily accessible Suzuki GSX-S750 is an attractive option at this time as well.




It is extremely difficult To say which version is better. Superior and well But if you mention the value for money seems Suzuki GSX-S750 is remarkable that very little choice. The technology Cost. Installed the available rooms. Combined with powerful four-cylinder even cc. To less than 200 cc., But with a difference of only 10 horsepower, but the Kawasaki 900 was yes, that would not be interesting. It has been upgraded in many ways, as well, whether it is adapted to the weight of the car lighter than the original. While horsepower is higher than ever. Of course, Anybody who has ever touched Z800 previously hard to deny the excitement of the Z900

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