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Kawasaki Z800 vs Yamaha MT 09 Battle for Middle-sized version of the Naked Bike Japan


Kawasaki Z800 vs Yamaha MT 09 Battle for Middle-sized version of the Naked Bike Japan

This is a battle of prestige  Naked. Bike  class heavyweights in the Middle Size of fishBecause this war has just two partners in this fight only. That is Kawasaki Z800 with Yamaha MT-09 , which is both stylish motorcycle. And a clear identity of its own. The prices also tempt. Able to occupy it without difficulty, in which the two versions will have features and advantages in what areas. We see it

Kawasaki Z800

Let’s start at the camp before the giant green Kawasaki Z800 , which just recently released a new model. Colorful, beautiful The overall appearance is still a unique Z800 innovative design.Complete production

His aggressive style light fixture as a left – right. A similar battle robots in the movie Pacific Rim.

From the front, the headlight design has a tough fixture as a left – right. That looks resemblance to battle robots in the movie Pacific. Rim turn signal stalk file is installed in the bottom of the lamp. Control force with a seamless, hands-on style bar sized car Naked. Bike design, aggressive large fuel tanks that can hold up to 17 liters of fuel, along with a flag bearing bumper, side fuel tank.

Hands-sized bar Screen LCD Digital Gauges screen is split into three parts.

Gauges screen LCD Digital screen is split into three parts, saying the left engine temperature,odometer , clock display tells the engine to scale vertically. The right to speed, consumption. And the oil level in the tank A fire Eco alert when driving economically. Key to the system is Immobilizera car. Seat sporty split second when the aging driving agility. Culminating with a tail light LED that is shaped Z striking is unique.

Suspension of Kawasaki Z800.

For the suspension of the Kawasaki. Z800  comes with front suspension Upside. Down theKYB  size 41 mm. Adjustable  Preload and Rebound for. The rear shock absorbers are single Uni-Trak holds the swing arm. The adjustable Preload for brakes front with disc brakes with 310 mm. Pair with pumps, brakes, 4 POT of Nissin rear disc brakes Single 250 mm. 1 POT of Nissin as well.Which shall Kawasaki Z800  is available in our homes remain without brake system ABS.

Kawasaki Z800 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine with a 806 cc.

For the sake of power and  Kawasaki. Z800 comes with a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve 806 cc size. Small Bore / stroke 71.0 x 51.9 mm. The compression 11.9: 1 Ignition System Fuel. Injectionof Keihin 32 mm. For optimum performance, 113 horsepower at 10,200 rev / min and a maximum torque of 83 Nm – 8,000 m / min cooling radiator size. And transmission gears through a six-speedConstant Mesh.

Kawasaki Z800 with a value of 375,000 baht.

For the price of the Kawasaki. Z800  has been set at 375,000 Baht , which is the price that the biker motorcycle enthusiasts in style Naked Bike 800 cc capacity. It can be very difficult to land ownership.

Yamaha MT-09

Together the motorcycle Naked Bike camp tuning fork on some Yamaha MT-09 , a motorcycle-style Naked. Bike combines the emotional Motard him completely. The car comes with an aluminum frame that provides strength. And Lightweight Front with headlight lamp single eight-sided shape, which is unique in the family car MT of Yamaha turn signal stalk protruding from the lamp. Steering and driving to smack hands with inspirational sports bar Over Size size.

Yamaha MT-09 design, inspiring in every aspect.

The fuel tank is designed to look for active and agile driving style. Fuel capacity is 14 liters with a series Bearing Factory lateral air intakes help fill the fuel tank as a stern look. Seat at one long continuous comfort in traveling both the rider and the pillion. Culminating with a tail light LEDfuturistic design.

An LED panel that tells the details fully lined with bars Hand Over Size.

The dashboard of the Yamaha MT-09 comes with a dashboard-style LED that tells the full details, whether it is a fire that gear, the speedometer, clock, temperature, which is all digital. The driving mode display. Adjustable 3 levels, mode A is used when driving in need of dramatic extremes, Mode B , a virtual mode Rain and final mode. Mode Standard riders generally use And comes with a key  Immobilizer.

Suspension of the Yamaha MT-09 Adjustable Preload and Rebound for.

For the suspension of Yamaha MT-09 comes with a front suspension system Upside Down, size 41 mm. The rear is a single shock absorber with swing arm mounting. Adjustable Preload andRebound for. For the front brake is a disc brake caliper Advics mono block matching in size 298 mm. The rear caliper  Nissin single-plate sized 245 mm., Which specialized in the installation of pumps on and pumps. Rams Brembo from the factory Brake system with ABS and front and rear wheels of the old factory, it comes with a 10-spoke alloy wheels with a tire bale size 120 / 70ZR17 rear tires measuring 180 / 55ZR17.

Yamaha MT-09 cylinder engine with 847 cc Crossplane 3.

The engine for the Yamaha MT-09 comes with this power Crossplane CP3  size 847 cc. 3-cylinder DOHC 12-valve engine, which is featured in the response. Torque is outstanding in every area. The horsepower is 115 at 10 000 r / min and torque of 87.5 Nm – m at 8500 rev / min and a fuel system injector Yamaha Fuel Injection with YCC-T transmission through a transmission 6. speed

Yamaha MT-09 with a value of 399,000 baht.

For the price of the Yamaha. MT-09  are priced at 399,000. THB which is commensurate with the performance you get from the MT-09 and a car imported cars from Japan. This is another version of the biker line Naked. Bike can possess is not difficult.

Compare the shot to shot.

Well, every corner

Comparison of Kawasaki Z800 and Yamaha MT-09.

Kawasaki Z800

Spector basic details

Yamaha MT-09



3 cylinder Crossplane

806 cc.


847 cc.

DOHC 4-valve / cylinder


 DOHC 4-valve / cylinder

71.0 mm. x 50.9 mm.

Small Bore / Stroke

  78.0 mm. x 59.1 mm.

113 HP @10,200 Rpm


 115 HP @ 10,000 Rpm

83 Nm @8,000 Rpm


 87.5 Nm @8,500 Rpm

11.9: 1

Compression ratio

 11.5: 1

Constant mesh,



Constant mesh,


Keihin Fuel Injection


Yamaha Fuel Injection with YCC-T

Electric start (cell)

Brake system

Electric start (cell)

Clutch wet hands.


System Clutch

Clutch wet hands.


120/70 ZR17M/C

Front Tire Size



Rear tire size


KYB’s Upside Down

Shock Absorber Page

Upside Down 41 mm.

KYB shock absorbers for the Swingarm.

Rear Shock Absorber

 Shock absorbers with a single swing arm Adjustable.

Dual 310 mm brake discs.

front brake

 The high-dose dry disc brake Radial Mouth dual 298 mm. Brakes with ABS.

Disc size 250 mm..


245 mm disc. Brakes with ABS.

2,100 × 800 × 1,050 mm.

Length x Width x Height

2,075 x 815 x 1,135 mm.

834 mm.

Seat height

815 mm.

229 kg.


189 kg.

17 liters

Capacity fuel tank

14 liters

375,000 Baht


 399,000 Baht

Motorcycle Comparison

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