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Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe 2019


The 2019 Kawasaki Vulcan S Cafe is a Cruiser model developed on the Kawasaki ER-6N. A big, pitiful 650 cc Cruiser. Vehicles equipped with 2-cylinder DOHC engine with a capacity of 649 cc and liquid-cooled. The car’s engine produces a maximum capacity of 61 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 63 Nm at 6,600 rpm.

An overview of the Vulcan S Cafe 2019 can be seen that it is designed to look quite pitiful and cool

From the front, the luminaire is a classic style with halogen bulbs. Since this is a cafe car, above the car lights is a windshield like classic cafe cars

  • The forks are a pair of long, black, dual-tube telescopes painted orange with an eye-catching black strip in the middle.
  • The front wheel of the car uses 120/70 size tires with 18-inch black nipples.
  • There are orange accents on the wheels. With the brakes, the front brake uses a single disc, Nissin pig shackles and ABS.
  • Inside there is a large water tank with 2 sides painted orange-black

The automotive clock is analog kind combined with digital display, analog clock show revs. digital display clock displays basic data for runners like speed, odo. the 2 sides have signal lights like flip signals, headlights, N with two means buttons.

The bar on the left has basic buttons like activate and off, flip signals, trumpet moreover as emergency light-weight switch square measure highlighted in red. The passing button of the automobile is created at the front to create it easier to use. The button cluster on the proper has solely the engine on / off button and therefore the ignition button.

Seen from the aspect, vulcan is attention-getting with curves from high to low. The fuel tank of the automobile is meant as a teardrop with a redesigned stamp totally different from the previous version and incorporates a capability of fourteen liters. Saddle style removable, the driver’s seat is larger. Seat height is 706 millimetre, slightly above the honda rebel 500. Sitting posture is additionally quite comfy with long handwheel and low seating position.

The footrest can also be moved by removing and moving the position. It has 3 levels for adjustment to be reasonable.

  • Equipped with a horizontal DOHC 2-cylinder engine with a capacity of 649 cc and liquid-cooled.
  • This engine is like on its mid-range brethren like ER-6N, ninja 650 and versys 650.
  • However, it has been tweaked to fit the cruiser line. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 61 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 63 Nm at 6,600 rpm. Vehicles using 6-speed manual gearbox

The chimney is horizontal at low position. The forks are a diagonal monoshock painted in black that doesn’t look very prominent

The rear wheel uses 160/60 tires with 17 inch wheels, 1 inch smaller than the front wheels. Rear brakes also use single disc, Nissin brake shackles and ABS as well as front wheels.

The tail end of the vehicle is horizontal as well as the design of other cruisers, the large tail light is in the middle and the two turn signals are on both sides. If viewed from the back on this Vulcan S Cafe is still very superficial.

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