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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Green giant monster


Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R from the city over a hundred times. With the decoration of the line How much is this event going to be watched?

          Called the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, with another nickname, Thai Bikeer, dubbed “Damn”with an aggressive face and a unique green color. Making it similar to crocodiles Has become another dream of many bikers who want to own a car With a full sporty design Plus the power packed in full from the factory, causing many competitors to be Must have been shocked when the duel against the Ninja code ZX-10R this moment forward, we will come out of the audience tuning the car well.

          Let’s start at the upper zone first with the MRA front shield, adding a face set to make the cast more detailed. Ready to help wind, reduce the impact of the driver Pump the brakes on Brembo Italy and close cooperation with the flick of a deity Ohlins Add Detail to the car again. With a carbon tank cover, carbon Kevlar and carbon frame cover, Kevlar from Carbon2Racemoves down to cover the engine, GB Racing  , Evotech fall and MotoDynamic tail light .

          Come to the lower zone Which is known as the finisher of this car that can be said With the replacement of the OZ Racing Golden Gass RS-A model that added both the cast and the balance of the car in terms of weight that is obviously lighter Followed by the front brake pump for Brembo M50 since leaving the factory. Along with the shock absorber of Showa , with a tank Can set the system fully Take it to the heart of the field. And another piece of sport that the bike sports cannot live without, is a set of gears from RSV Racing that helps to change the sitting position to be more sporty. End with each other with a pair of slip-on Akrapovic shorty mufflers and a suitable sound. But if the throttle is turned on, it’s fun.

          How do you do With the coolest people from the city over a hundred With the perfect decoration, this ZX-10R disciple has a melting heart. Like it, hopefully this car will inspire the biker who has a dream of wanting a super bike performance. Highly, like the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R , owning a car.

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