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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 2016


On the 2016 version, the new Kawasaki not solely appearance, refinement the engine however additionally further technological options ZX-10R prime to administer users the foremost reliable automobile, ZX -10R 2016 has return a protracted approach in terms of options and technology, that it antecedently deprived compared to competitors within the phase in one thousand cc.

Compared with the previous version, the ZX-10R 2016 looks more beautiful and more attractive. Get this is because Kawasaki has redesigned the crank before, including new headlights and new bodywork tangent. Exhaust also been redesigned with a more compact design. Kawasaki models that exhibit at the show was the back, so some details will differ from the standard version.


Designs ZX-10R’s overall 2016 looks neat and so much nicer than previous versions. Seen from the side we can clearly see the road very soft claws, especially at the rear. The ZX-10R has been some level of detail, which is most prominent with the Akrapovic exhaust system made of carbon fiber shell.

The front end looks more impressive with the new headlight design, but it still uses halogen rather than LEDs. In sport-bike segment in 1000, the current cc Yamaha YZF-only R1 and Ducati 959 Panigale is using LED headlamps. Kawasaki offers two color options for the 2016 ZX-10R includes black and green / black its features. However not all-black version favored by many as the dark blue.

3 wheels remains the same as the year 2015, fitting tires 120/70 front and 190/55 rear tires fitted. ZX-10R 2016 is the model being developed under a partnership between the World Superbike Kawasaki and its racing team, so it inherits most elite but that Kawasaki developed technology for the racetrack.

Rear tire size 190 tires give the car a solid, powerful when viewed from behind. Tail lights ZX-10R 2016’s new design and also use LED technology. Both front and rear suspension of the car can be adjusted to suit each different operating conditions.

The two most valuable upgrades related to it’s ability to operate the M50 shackles and Brembo brakes front shock absorbers were developed Showa similar WSBK racing cars. M50 is the most advanced brake shackles current Brembo product line. When combined with the antilock brake system of the Kawasaki KIBS smart, it promises excellent braking performance at any speed range yet. Besides the ABS, the Kawasaki also launched a price not lower ABS with $ 1,000.

ZX-10R 2016 still uses DOHC I4 engine block, displacement of 998 cc liquid-cooled but has been tweaked to produce the maximum power of 200 hp (207 hp with ram air) and torque 113.5 Nm torsion. 6-speed gearbox is a type of insect hands, which features support the Quick Shift shifters but unfortunately that did not have the clutch slipping as H2. Emission standard Euro 4. Kawasaki achieved not speak specifically about the acceleration time from 0-100 km / h, the maximum speed of the vehicle crashed at about 300 km / h.

The handles and the ZX-10R’s clock in 2016 also is not much different from previous versions. The only improvement that is hand Brembo brakes as standard equipment, there is currently no more carmakers standard equipment Brembo brakes for motorcycles hands. Power steering system is provided by Ohlins.

In terms of features and technology, Kawasaki has lovingly ZX-10R equip 2016 inertial measurement sets to (IMU) for optimal performance as well as the safety of the vehicle. ZX-10R 2016 is the first model to be equipped with Kawasaki measurement with 5-axis inertial measurement developed by Bosch and a 6th axis using the program stored in the ECU Kawasaki. Kawasaki said the new measure would optimum inertia effect to the traction control system, launch control, select the engine power and brake system

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