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Kawasaki KSR Nakano Limited Edition


Kawasaki KSR Nakano Limited Edition

Kawasaki KSR Nakano Limited Edition force composed of the overflow from the team Tako Racing.


Kawasaki KSR Nakano Limited Edition ปี 2550

If back in the teenage  Generation. Y , then I believe the children. The people need a car to drive a motorcycle lover to school together, not less. Especially small motorcycle called Hot Hit any of the teens was inevitable car Kawasaki KSR 110 cc. The young people who are driven to school, then … girls in school, scream a row.


Kawasaki KSR marking the items added to the cast. 

The column Racing Magazine will bring our fans. Regular columns dating back to early glimpse car Mini Bike (Mini Bike) at  Kawasaki. KSR  by car, motorcycle, car parks is KSR year 2550 also marks a special camp Kawasaki. Who has designed this special release issued during the year 2549 marks Nakano is the name of the race Moto. GP is  Shinya Nakano racers from TeamKawasaki Racing Team race driver for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR.



You Pongpat money to cover Kawasaki KSR year 2550.



Kawasaki KSR side stripes with Nakano.   


Today we had a chance to sit and talk to you. Car KSR this is your money, or you cap Pongpat Best Team Tako Racing to bring the car up at  Kawasaki KSR Nakano Limited EditionModel 2550 provides us with a glimpse of the other eye. Called a style of dress that hard. Enjoy Sims cast perfectly.


Kawasaki KSR with full customization of cars.

By thy KSR cast of today’s car motorcycle valued Your Best. Best open mind telling you about the history of this car is that the car is a motorcycle the first time since childhood. M at the end of a line of car enthusiasts Stunt. Bike to school days rather less positive. I like the car crash had to be repaired every month. Then I graduated and decided to start earning a good cause. Because each repair, the repair cost is more expensive than the author.



Kawasaki KSR super-garde composers of the team Tako Racing.


In the Feeling of Kawasaki KSR Nakano Limited Edition cars are known as fun to drive.Our driver on the spot. Best you guarantee that driving fun. Players can ride any ride out the trips to the provinces, then you KSR driving these vehicles easily.



Kawasaki KSR Sims cast.


Highlights of KSR body beauty These vehicles are called dominant second to none. Whether it’s casting Sims. And clean Because some of you have been plated and polished color patternLimited. Edition of the Kawasaki at these biker of KSR to call this version that Nakano on the race Moto GP.



Clothing from top brands



Speeding up the grade from top brands.

Subject to the beauty of the KSR. Nakano this well Called stuffed full …. The item has hit your Best Ideas to dress down to KSR this beautiful aircraft. To speak it clear that the real truth … … I started to color my distinguished mesmerize onlookers with color Nakano hands a blue dress fromTakegawa that cut seamlessly with the body color. the pump Brembo 15 Rcs clutch lever up fromBrembo grip with hands-sleeve dress from Take off the handlebars with hand weights end up out of the blue Take.



Mane area of Kawasaki KSR


Throttle’s Active

Change Mirror’s sphere classic from Kitaco install Throttle’s Active 2 line mane installed Speedometer single spherical LED from Takegawa fitted together flicked up from Scotts  install switches start and. switch lights from Domino. 



Cover fuel Takegawa Made in Japan.



The taillights and turn signal from Kijima.


Car chassis, install the lid from the oil tank Takegawa Made in Japan upholstery with cushion dress from Donna Na Thong illuminate the taillights frame. And turn from Kijima ‘s power forward Kitaco.



Clutch line Takegawa


Gear to wear from brands Over Racing.



Oil above Takegawa CNC

Choose a bucket steam traps from K-Factory air filter Takegawa filter petrol  Earl’ssupplemented with calipers front and rear. The Brembo butterfly The brake lines  Goodridge – the Earl’s cover Leinster’s Beet. Japan ‘s Hose Striker stand Takegawa.


Tank vapor from K-Factory.



KSR front wheel with an item of clothing in full.


Alloy Gold Over Racing.



Over Racing Exhaust  

Chasing the wheel well, the use of gold Alloy Racing Over 10 tire lever IRC IZ  tire size 100 / 90-12 rear tire size 120 / 80-12 increased by stretching Stroke Racing 3 mm. Pistons. 59 mm. to make driving more enjoyable. You can adjust the tone with exhaust noise levels by up to four brandsOver Racing.  



Kawasaki KSR Sims cast.



Kawasaki KSR round Nakano Limited Edition.

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