Home Scooter Honda Zoomer-X with colorful super-garde concept Purple Glass

Honda Zoomer-X with colorful super-garde concept Purple Glass


Honda Zoomer-X with colorful super-garde concept Purple Glass

The team presented the car  Honda Zoomer-X Transformers Concept By Jack Shopsoon feel like a fan. Disciples car line automatic car enthusiasts strange. Groundbreaking and unique visitors to follow in the column Racing. Magazine claims hard That would give the team the car Honda. Zoomer-X built up around it. A glimpse again today BoxzaRacing yet another model, the lead author. Called solid Enjoy the composer called overflow cars ever.



Honda Zoomer-X’s with the purple end-garde.


Although  Zoomer-X , our hero this time. Maybe not a car in the Concept Style Robot. But you have to give a thumbs up to the idea. That is second to no one. The only splash of color into the body, two wheels. Who’s that guy that you see Zoomer-X vehicle is what it is. You did not have to look like eyes, certainly.



Honda Zoomer-X wheel style.


    Honda Zoomer-X aircraft beauty this is a car owner in 2012 with the idea of the design is that you Kon Arena glory. ( You start) , known industry is ZMX (driver’s Zoomer-x) by the open-minded team. Why choose a car Zoomer-X because I have a feeling that this car model.There’s a line at the front and a wide range of emotions. The taillights are unique models. Unlike other car models. The previous You’ve been using the Mini Bike before.



Honda Zoomer-X


For feed alley Driving your  Zoomer-X  as a vehicle to meet the needs of all driving modes.Whether it’s a vacation. Or the use of riding in a chill. It’s called the response was tremendous. The engine You can use the same 110 cc engine. The piston then modified in size 54 mm. The speed has been made for this car. Can be up to 140 km / h.



Behind the wheel was a highlight of the Zoomer-X.


The highlight of the Zoomer-X  , you said earlier. The structure of the rear lights and the wheel ran from leading brands like  BBS is added to this car stand out. Inspired by the style of the car Custom Japanese.




The decorative image Let’s start with the color scheme of the car before it. View from head to tail That blend seamlessly. By the beginning of the main body of the car comes in shades of purple glass. The new 2K color contrasting with the gray and the color red.



Farrow windshield carbon enhance the sport even more.



Handle clamps brands Racing Boy.



Set mane Honda Zoommer-X.


Farrow windshield carbon in carbon. The bar has changed hands a brand of racing from Rizoma gray. Plush holding hands Racing Boy moved to the casing using a hand-selected  Active Matching Throttle drink from the same brand. Move along the side mirror attached at the ends of the handlebars Rizoma  brake upgrade pump your brakes on Brembo Logo white braided brakeEarl’s.



Footrest kit color from the brand hit the biker.


The footrest of the driver is made of X-Speed  is equipped with a set of aluminum footrestGTR  red. Down below I have added a cool parking stand GTR gold.



Leather dress from close Taladplue



LED taillight lenses Smoke from a script.


Personal seat cover new orders from the top of the two wheels aligned Taladplue. Rear stand out even more is called a tail light LED lens module from a script. With tail light LED 



Enjoy composed of both carbon mudguards, Brembo caliper with braided line.



13-inch BBS wheels


After the suspension has been installed in front caliper Brembo brakes, with front created byV-Tech and legs caliper NBB Bon. The basic pump is paired with braided line from  Earl’s  rear suspension is part of the brand’s quality YSS front wheel remains the same size of 12 inches to a red chrome super-garde. The rear wheels of a BBS 13-inch strap with tire brand Continental 130 / 70-12 rear tire and Michelin size 150 / 70-13.



Honda Zoomer-X Purple Glass.

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