Honda RC213V-S Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016

According to the press has reported, the first car factory in the world to be awarded the key to the boss in UK showrooms.
It can be said is the most expensive super motor in all segments PKL current motor.

RC213V-S property looks almost identical to the version on the RC213V MotoGP race. In order to “legalize” trade and could be rolled down the street, Honda equips its supercar lighting systems, as well as mirrors, fenders behind the rear to ensure safe operation.

The heart of the RC213V-S is the V4 engine block, 4 cylinder – cylinder capacity limits for each market in sales, as in the European market, the Honda RC213V motorcycle super-S possesses a maximum capacity of 157 shares power at 11,000 rpm rev / min.
Meanwhile, Japanese consumers can only buy Honda RC213V-S with capacity limited to 68 horsepower.

In the US market, Honda RC213V-S owns the maximum power of 101 hp at 8,000 rpm rev / min.
However, players can purchase additional packages to open full power accessories for vehicles, raising the maximum capacity of up to 212 horsepower at 13,000 rpm rev / min and maximum torque of 87 lb-ft in the ring 10,500 rpm rev / min.

Honda RC213V S

This version is the RC with 3 red white blue.

Then be sure to pick up as car exhaust GP, ultralight carbon bonnet tiles. Supercar use 2piston Brembo rear pigs with 8-spoke wheels.

The tail is raised to create a solo saddle sitting position leaning forward end.

Honda RC213V S2

2nd exhaust pipe located under and still later, the tail and stop lamps integrated signal.

Honda RC213V S3
Honda RC213V S4
Honda RC213V S5
Honda RC213V S6

Vehicles equipped with a series of toys, as well as technological crisis hit.

Honda RC213V S7
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