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Honda MSX125SF a new line of Mini Sport Bike Championship Café Racer


Honda MSX125SF a new line of Mini Sport Bike Championship Café Racer

Honda. MSX125SF again With the approach of the late vintage biker then have to sing Wow!



Honda MSX125SF Café Racer works to create a rich technician.


Of course, Honda MSX125SF this Another idea that winning the contest in  MSX The Clutcher Idea Challenge  The contest has Honda MSX125SF join the debate, all 30 units will be divided into categories Café Racer 15 units of Street Fashion , another 15 units, said. a Honda MSX125SF our cars won first prize in the category Café Racer to win by creating a portfolio of office“so rich”.



You deserve Monday titanium or rich you tuning rich technician. The idea of composing Naramitra Honda MSX125SF this.


By the possession and ownership of ideas composing Honda. MSX125SF this is youdeserve Monday titanium or rich owner Bureau’s rich artisan  who designs and builds the motorcycle cool, then several cars. The decorative Honda MSX125SF Café Racer model of today.Is another success guarantees the skills to decorate the rich motorcycle mechanic as well.



Honda MSX125SF Café Racer Mini sports bike has been designed to appease the vintage biker line.


For the sake of inspiration for decorating your Honda. MSX125SF this Udom said, “TheHonda MSX125SF this. Designed under the theme of vintage retro. The combination of cutting-edge technology. You make new Café Racer cars a stand out. ”



Uncooked view vintage style.



Hands to capture shock absorbers with extra mane Seven Speed Speedometer of Koso.


For finishing Honda MSX125SF this Constitutes Custom Made new cars The main problem with that Need a car in Style  Café Racer  comes to technology and design innovation. And can drive smoothly The final aim of the Mini sports bike. The front fenders were stripped out And with Bracket caliper front to create the raw emotion in vintage style. Shock tube was introduced to do Ameno Drive in umber. With a change in driving style, a mood Café. Racer even more by converting the hand grips shock from the mane of Seven. Speed , which is one of the unique style Café. Racer continues the sporty headlights typical of Honda. MSX125SF unchanged The Speedometer switched to the tune of Koso.



Throttle Active auxiliary pump on the Black Rod, Italy’s Brembo.



Oil married handmade vintage style.


There is also an extra item with God Throttle Active pump on the brake lever with Italy ‘sBrembo clutch shaft also depute a Brembo regulars. Connected at the side of the car, which is building a unique identity of its rich craft. Start with oil handmade style  Café. Racer extra features with tiny pistons. Cover and fuel tank dress The rear seat to set the mood ass ants brown vintage feel full. The rear fenders and taillights were removed. Switching to a tail light LED strip. And closed under the sheets with aluminum to create beauty. Driving change stance And gear more easily with a series of gears to silver Com Star.



His brown leather seat ass emotional Ants Café Racer.



Rear fender and tail lights were removed. Switching to the rear tail light LED.


For the suspension of Honda MSX125SF Café Racer cars were modified all the same. Start with a set of wheels – rear. The change comes as wheels aluminum, black material of Com Star 12-inch wheel hub by creating a golden Ameno Drive and handmade crafts from the rich. Change the front brake plate, brake disc composed of Mecatec paired with caliper Brembo created by clamping leg calipers up.



Aluminum wheels Com Star 12-inch brakes Mecatec paired with caliper Brembo.



Swingarm rear aluminum calipers butterfly Brembo Racing Boy embroidered inside.


The rear swingarm switching to aluminum composed of Racing. Boy with added features more aggressive with Leinster after two floors and a chain of black material suspension after switching to the shock strut of  Combiz brake rear with brake big match. the caliper  Bremboembroidered inside. The move down was stationed at the brakes. By creating a new caliper bracket.



Well scabbards aluminum construction. Helps prevent damage that may occur to the engine.



Twin tailpipes of Pro Liner


For the sake of power remains the same size, 124.9 cc engine block. 4-stroke fuel injectionPGM-FI and single overhead camshaft. The modification adds rigidity to the engine cover with a scabbards and aluminum construction. In order to prevent damage that may occur from shock. And added a beautiful plate with bolts of fire Seven. Speed and further highlights the importance of finishing my Honda MSX125SF Café Racer cars is detached from the pipe Pro. Liner is designed exactly. Cool style and perfect  Café Racer.



Honda MSX125SF Café Racer, a unique approach to decorating.

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