Home Honda Honda CRF250M vs Kawasaki D-Tracker250 who will be the ultimate provocation

Honda CRF250M vs Kawasaki D-Tracker250 who will be the ultimate provocation


Honda CRF250M vs Kawasaki D-Tracker250 who will be the ultimate provocation

Honda. CRF250M with Kawasaki D-Tracker250 This is one of the most dramatic in the style of Star. We get to watch it.



Honda CRF250M


Let’s begin with the first camp pinion better with the Honda CRF250M which is the subsidiary made the success of the CRF250L which is semi Motocross has been popular before. By thy CRF250M modified a car in style eyes off. For city driving are even more versatility. You can go in directions beyond imagination, too. In terms of design Classically, the resemblance to Formula CRF250R.



Speedometer digital Honda CRF250M.


With a long front fender. Continuing a single headlight fixture. Turning a rod protruding. Wing side impact design in the form of car Moto Cross. Seat with long, narrow shape. This is a unique car in style eyes off. Since it takes the legs to clamp the car body. (A skill in driving style) rear lights withLED fender with a snout to the back of the car. With the seizure of the turn signal stalk protrudingHonda. CRF250M control comes with a wide handle bars. And comes with Speedometer digital.



The suspension set-up perfectly. With 17-inch wheels


In terms of suspension Is another highlight of the car in style eyes off that has it all. It was set up to accommodate up to driving carelessly in the path ahead. The suspension of  HondaCRF250M  comes with shock absorbers, front Upside. Down the Showa period provided that it is collapsing. On the back is a Pro-Link to grips with the swing arm. To the collapse of the lot is the same as the front. The brakes front with brakes measuring 296 mm. Paired with caliper type 2 POT and rear with brake discs measuring 220 mm. It also comes with alloy wheels, sliding to 17-inch either. – the



Power 249.6 cc. A DOHC 4-valve / cylinder ignition injection PGM-FI.


The power of the Honda CRF250M  comes with a one-cylinder four-stroke 249.6 cc. A DOHC 4-valve / cylinder width Bore / stroke 76 x 55 Compression ratio 10.7: 1 is cooled by water. Ignition injectors Electronic Knicks PGM-FI transmission via six-speed gearbox that powers the 22.7 maximum horsepower and increase comfort with starting hands.



Honda CRF250M with the price of 140,600 baht.


For the price of the Honda. CRF250M was set at 140,600 Baht (debut), which will be compared with a cc. That seems to be a little higher price. But if you look at the overall performance has been received. It is known as one of the models possess not know. For the biker who prefer the excitement and challenge.



Kawasaki D-Tracker 250


Came together at Camp grasshopper green Kawasaki better. This sent D-Tracker250 join the debate on the Motion of Star Rating 250 cc. In my D-tracker250 a motorcycle pioneers of the late star’s motion that has it all. The model was developed based on the success of the modelKLX250 , a motorcycle motocross half. For the D-Tracker250 has been designed in the style of an eye full. Combining the look typical of a strong camp grasshopper green Kawasaki.



Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 designed in the style of Star full.


For the exterior design of the D-Tracker. 250 comes with a long front fender. Continuing the series headlight design is unique in the family car D-Tracker tank large pages. Containing 7.7 liters of fuel that can be marked with wings bumper car style moto cross. Seat at one long continuum. The opposite side of the crust with a shockproof design a car number plate Moto Cross. Luggage bags behind the rear are fitted as standard equipment. Culminating with the rear fender length with large taillights. And turn-out came. In terms of regulation D-Tracker. 250 comes with a hands-wide. The Speedometer digital blue screen.



Speedometer digital And a suspension system that is set up to the full system.


The suspension of Kawasaki D-Tracker 250  with front suspension Upside Down , size 43 mm. The rear shock absorber is a single grip on the swingarm. The shock absorber is full. Brake system for the front of the D-Tracker. 250 comes with a disc size 250 mm. Paired with caliper size 2 POT with ABS in the rear with brake discs measuring 220 mm. Paired with caliper size 2 POT withABS. too Culminating with 17-inch alloy wheels, sliding fore and aft.



Suspension front Upside Down.


For the power of the engine Kawasaki D-Tracker 250  comes with a 4-stroke 249 cc one-cylinder. A valve DOHC 4-cylinder width x Stroke 72 x 61.2 mm. The compression of 11.0: 1 is cooled by water. Ignition injectors  KEIHIN NCV24 transmission via 6-speed transmission with clutch hand. And electric starter Conveys fun And the simplicity of the controls Easy Bike Style Thailand.



Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 with a value of 156,300 baht.


For the price of the  Kawasaki D-Tracker 250 is set at 156,300. Baht This price is quite high enough for the 250 cc range. But driving performance, which can be driven in either city. The driver of the Ford was also considered a version that is good in itself, not less.



Well, a shot per shot.



Delve into every corner


 Honda CRF250M basic information table with Kawasaki D-Tracker 250.

Honda CRF250M  Spector basic details Kawasaki D-Tracker 250
 1 cylinder 4 stroke  engine 1 cylinder 4 stroke
 249.6 cc.  Displacement 249 cc.
 DOHC 4-valve / cylinder  valve DOHC 4-valve / cylinder
76 x 55 mm.  Small Bore / Stroke  72 x 61.2 mm.
  22.7 HP  horsepower
10.7: 1  Compression ratio 11.0: 1
Manual 6 Speed  Transmission  Manual 6 Speed
 PGM-FI fuel injection  Fuel   Injectors KEIHIN NCV24
starting hands  Brake system starting hands
Clutch wet hands Multiplate.  System Clutch  Clutch wet hands Multiplate. 
110/70-17 M/C 54S  Front Tire Size 110/70-17M/C 54S
130/70-17 M/C 62S  Rear tire size 130/70-17 M/C 62S
 Upside Down ของ Showa  Shock Absorber Page Upside Down 43 mm.
Pro-Link holds the swing arm.  Rear Shock Absorber Shock Single grip on the swingarm.
Brake discs measuring 296 mm. Caliper.  front brake Brake discs measuring 250 mm., With ABS.
Brake discs measuring 220 mm. Caliper.  rear Single 220 mm disc. Allaah with ABS.
2,127 x 815 x 1,147 mm.  Length x Width x Height 2,130 x 795 x 1,125 mm.
 855 mm.  Seat height 790 mm.
 145 kg.  weight 139 kg.
7.7 liters  Capacity fuel tank  7.7 liters
140,600 Baht  Price  156,300 Baht


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