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Honda City ADV Concept


ADV Concept is Honda City scooter design combines the idea of lines and lines SUV car adventure, from to create a sample vehicle nên be walked in the street, just to conquer any terrain được. According to representatives of Honda from Italy, the commercial version of the city would be for ADV official launch later this year, perhaps’ before the EICMA 2016. And Vietnam is one of the market những mà Honda aims to ; ADV city therefore be emerging concept at this 2016lan VMCS.


Honda City was built based on ADV Concept 3 cofactors is Solid, Lightweight and Modern.

The Solid muscular contours are you from, similar style design of the following common like SUV. Also strong means again giving the car a rugged again, one in operation.


Factors gently will help the vehicle flexibility in both Show crowded city and the difficult terrain conditionsEND_SPAN.


Of course a spoiled Honda concept should integrate the modern technology to the City ADV. In front, the car is equipped with a suspension system opposite journey, dual disc brakes with standard ABS.


Rear disc brakes are also equipped with ABS, with a doubling to look very strong.


Front fenders foot section the driver can be adjusted to create comfortable driving posture.


In the bad terrain conditions the driver can stand up through the rear footrest, correct style of adventure Adventure models.


Vehicles are equipped with modern technology such as LED headlight systems; central dashboard screen rectangular shape, color; with “brake” in the area of electronics between the vehicle body.

Regarding the engine, the Honda representatives said the City ADV can be equipped with a 750 cc engine

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