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Honda CBR150R VS Yamaha YZF-R15

Honda CBR150R VS Yamaha YZF-R15

Comparable to boxing before going on stage

All New Honda CBR150R

          Can be called a great return again Of the legendary Thai sporty bike that no one does not know about  Honda CBR150R 2019. In this comeback, Honda has used the word revolutionary new cars with the relay of DNA to increase performance from the world class car Come in a class of 150 cc. Car so that the driver can experience real excitement

Yamaha YZF-R15

          Yamaha YZF-R15, the sporty little bike boy from the tuning fork camp That started to dominate the Thai market for a while Can be called a sport bike that has a very perfect fit And many places The most talked about is The sitting position that allows the filler to be comparable to the large sport bike Until reaching the external options provided in full Especially the Up Side Down front shock absorbs all the adolescents with the power of VVA that emphasizes sparingness from low to high rounds. YZF-R15 is a must for many biker eyes People ever

Outstanding structural appearance (Honda CBR150R 2019)

          Honda CBR150R 2019 with a comeback again By launching under the concept  “The one Reborn … new birth Inspiring first place ”  by changing the shape to be more compact More active Whether it is a new costume that is sleek and stylish Giving full sporty mood Until reaching the new frame But at this point, the most striking is the LED headlamp and all the lighting systems, all of which are LED . Making it compatible with the line design, concave curves of the most advanced car perfectly Including adjusting the position of the driver’s position to be more concise with the car to fill the sporty driving

Distinctive structure appearance (Yamaha YZF-R15)

          Arriving at the youngest sports bike from the R Series family like the Yamaha YZF-R15,which occupies the market for a while. And calls for positive feedback in a positive direction, not light With a removable shape incorporating DNA from the two big models like Yamaha YZF-R1and Yamaha YZF-R6 , especially the rear side That makes many bikers look shy because you play the same design as the big brother Yamaha YZF-R1 and in other parts I must say that the elements of the overall design of the YZF-R15 must be able to say that it fits perfectly. But another point that makes the YZF-R15The outstanding story is The sitting position that is positioned to be lower, the sporty version that can be said With the position of the handlebar shock absorber under the mane Making sports driving feel quite appealing to many people

Power, Technology and Excitement (Honda CBR150R 2019)

          If talking about a big change In the new model of the Honda CBR150R 2019 with material upgrades and new tuning inside the engine to throttle out the full strength performance with the engine specification 149.6 cc. 1 piston DOHC cooled by water. And special Molybdenum coated piston Helps reduce friction Work at full capacity With a new design inside the engine by separating the independent camshaft from each other Causing the spark plug position in the middle of the combustion chamber Able to fully explode Followed by increasing the new crankshaft stroke Resulting in full torque from low to high cycles Resulting in an excellent driving response rate Can be called the true force of the order

Power, Technology and Excitement (Yamaha YZF-R15)

          The unique excitement of the tuning fork camp With technology that has become standard equipment like VVA variable valve systems, followed by 1 piston engine, 155 cc 4 stroke, SOHC 4 water cooled valves Giving maximum power 19.3 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and maximum torque of 14.7 Nm – at 8,500 rpm with a slipper clutch allowing the driver to change gears smoothly According to the specification provided As if the Yamaha YZF-R15 has a CC more, and has a variable valve VVA system that is a finer one than the Honda CBR150R 2019 is about But if looking back in the way of CBRThe material inside the engine that looks slightly superior This event seems like this rival is probably not quite able to eat.

Suspension and control (Honda CBR150R 2019)

          From the official data of the Honda with the first Telescopic front shock absorber upgrade in class 150 cc.  That can adjust the preload settings, allowing the driver to experience a more sporty suspension. Can be called a Honda CBR150R 2019 finisher.  Another point is that Followed by a rear shock absorber Prolink can be set Proload has 5 levels of demand combined with a make driving more lowered from its previously. But not too much to squat with the IRC RX-01R tire specification, the road winner installed from the factory With front tire size 110/80 R17and rear tire size 130/70 R17Plus, there is an ABS braking system that helps to prevent the wheels from locking in the brakes suddenly. In the ABS version , Honda still maintains the concept in the most user-friendly form. Whether it is the safety system and the sitting position of the driver that has been arranged to not be too tired, can be called Honda CBR150R 2019. This new look is quite detailed. In response to the disciples to sports bike of Honda to hit the post.

Suspension and control (Yamaha YZF-R15)

          Come to the handsome Navy Blue Yamaha YZF-R15, who bought a Thai bikeer. With the installation of the Shock Absorber Up Side Down that allows the view to become a full sports car By the shock absorber Still unable to adjust any settings, but if talking about the cast from the front shock, it is considered a matter of fact. Connect with the rear shock absorber, MonoShock, which can adjust the soft hardness. Followed by the size of the tire that is bigger than the old look With the front tire size at  100/80 R17, the rear tire size is  140/70 R17 and the tire is  IRC RX-01R Road WinnerAs standard tires, as always But in the sitting position of the driver who has arranged for a sporty position Because the hand position has been moved down and seized under the big man’s sporty mane At this point, some drivers may have a slight fatigue. Long driving time But with the spirit of sporty people This story is considered a jib.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

Honda CBR150R 2019

          From the comparison of the data of the two models, the overall picture can be said to be almost impossible to eat. Because with the development of technology and performance of both camps, these two models have the advantages and disadvantages that are not too much. By starting to look at the  Honda CBR150R 2019, which was recently launched with almost all new performance upgrades Whether it is a new look, sleeker A new engine that is strong and bold A new suspension system that allows the biker to touch more quickly. And added security technology But there are still some points that are still not enough. Would be the shock absorber set, still the same as Telescopic , but more is Can adjust the Preload settings, but how? Is considered a major change of Honda in Class 150 CC,  which is heavily organized to meet the specification that we have brought to everyone to read

Yamaha YZF-R15

         Yamaha YZF-R15 can be called from the dominant position of the market, the first class bike class that is worthwhile is the one that Thailand has ever had. But when this event was met with the launch of a competitor like  Honda CBR150R 2019 that played out all the changes But this event is considered to be the YZF-R15 still going to be ready to stand as a competitor throughout the rival class in the same class as the CBR150R . There is still a better version at some point. As we have said above that in the Honda CBR150R 2019 is not installed shock absorber Front Up Side Down was but a shock absorber Telescopic adjustable Set Preload , but in thy Yamaha YZF-. R15Up front down front shock absorbers have been installed since leaving the factory. But still can not adjust any settings, that is, this job is a must, only the real user is the decision maker


Honda CBR150R 2019

Yamaha YZF-R15

          Came to a close at the cost of the two handsome models between the Honda CBR150R 2019 and the re-change in many years. At this time, packed in full at the recommended price, starting at the normal STD model , there is no ABS at 92,000 baht. There are 2 colors to choose from, namely black  and blue. Later, in the ABS model with automatic flashing jars installed in When suddenly braking At a price of 99,000 baht , with a choice of 2 colors:  AP Racing Thailand and Repsol Honda Racing Team . The Yamaha YZF-R15 sports a handsome bike. That launched new shades in the middle of last year With the price at97,000 baht, the same price, all the flavors, and there are 3 colors in the year 2019, which are blue, black, yellow, black and all black . This work is very affordable. I wonder if I have to give my fans Who are aiming for the goal of going out to class 150 to ride the lure as a referee

          How do you like to battle rival top class of 150cc.  That is quite a distance to go for it. Called the return of this pair of boxing. Of course Between the sporty Thai bike lovers that everyone is waiting to come back again, like the  Honda CBR150R 2019 with a bike sport that makes the bike to mind like the Yamaha YZF-R15 with the overall specification that can be barely eaten. down And the built up too much, making second generation is ready to offer the best value for money for the people who choose not to pay without emotion, certainly not in the next

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