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Honda CBR 500R Sport Bike Premium


Honda CBR 500R Sport Bike Premium

Motorcycle breed sports, whether small, medium or large, it is called as the car was designed looks to be a cool one style of biker, many people love with this style as well. not less Combined with today ‘s leading motorcycle several camps were developed on two wheels, whether it is in terms of the engine. Or look at it break into the fiercely to meet the needs of consumers.


Honda CBR 500R Sport Bike 500 cc range in style with the Premium.

Today, we have built up a big bike models from a friend. Favorite car big bike as well as ever.And I must say that I really live for this model from Camp  Honda. (Honda) with the CBR. 500R sports bike medium is composed of highly enriched Bureau car mechanic we’ve brought friends to watch the winning creative works in MSX The Clutcher Idea Challenge at  Honda. MSX125SF come together And this time it comes to Big Brother queue to get some extra options added to the cast that has characterized much.


Honda CBR 500R กับ Concept Sport Premium 

For Honda CBR 500R is equipped with Concept of Honda -style Sport. Premium that you deserve Monday titanium or rich owners, tuning rich technicians who design and style of this car. From the outside you can see the Legend of CBR 500R comes with this car is gray with black to add Luke to see a little more aggressive.



Light duty admission to the destination page’s style Sport.



Transmission oil composed of Adelin


Author of a series of luxury brands such as Barracuda.

Newbold’s Modify page customization of brand Hero Black  Smoke flanked with mirrors that can be folded up. Pump clutch from Brembo. Racing gearbox oil, gold from Adelin  hands up silver casing with black rubber grip from Barracuda trailer with Bar. Ends of the Silver Barracudasame.


Screen, Digital Speedometer


Flick from Ohlins


Leather seats at two separate levels

Mane has installed a flick from Ohlins screen Cover a Fully Digital at the Honda design a new one. The two seats in the car to get to the bottom of the well.



Author of the front wheel racing Honda CBR 500R.


Gear link from the brand’s Gilles


Author RK Chains



Exhaust tuning VAMOS

The car brake by Lipper Brambo Racing 4 Pot with braided  Earl’s area radiators installed card ranges from Moto. Speed transmission with beautiful accessories to personalize the brandGilles Leinster’s gold from Moto. RUN  is a part of the chain of RK. Racing in Japan The roar from the exhaust tuning brand  VAMOS.



Honda CBR 500R comes with a distinctive luxury item added to the cast.

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