Honda CB650 four-strong Japan

The inspiring story of decor you CB650F this you tube LORDING1 said, “The decorative simple but stylish by putting up additional capacity of the old car in the blind spot. And so beautiful in their own interests “

Brembo M4 size 100 mm., With one catch.

BREMBO Italy on pump number 19 engraved gold cover up Antlion.

Complement each flick of a lump SCOTT.

For the decoration of Honda CB650F this comes in Black with red trim.
The aggressive style Is equipped with world-class level. Start by switching to the brake pump front Brembo M4 size 100 mm.

Honda CB650 four strong Japan 3
Honda CB650 four-strong Japan 50

Handle with stand converted into a radial mount. Chase brake cable knit HEL and braided line on the Earl’s visit Abs the knot on switching to the Brembo Italy RCS19 engraved gold cover up Antlion then added with adjustable brake Remote Brake Adjuster TWM the hand clutch.

Honda CB650 four strong Japan 15
Honda CB650 four-strong Japan 51

switched to the Brembo as the safety of driving with a flick together SCOTT mirrors switching to the CRG installed at the end of the handlebars.

Honda CB650 four strong Japan 2
Honda CB650 four-strong Japan 52

Modify the manner of driving a sports car with more gear to RSV.

OHLINS rear shock absorber with separate tank.

Honda CB650 four strong Japan 11
Honda CB650 four-strong Japan 53

The pump Brembo logo embroidered on the leg with a catch RSV.

After chasing pack on The front brake system and then seamlessly.
Changed the manner of driving a sport even more exciting with the transmission link RSV gold and two seats at the Mocyc 999 then change the new rear suspension.

The shock of the Ohlins a separate tank liner. After switching to the brakes and Brembo logo embroidered on the leg with a big catch RSV and enhance security with tires Pirelli Diablo Superbike both front and rear.

Culminating in detail with upholstered carbon-Kevlar rear fender and the swingarm.

Four-cylinder engines Bards Honda CB650F.

Fluorescent tubes, titanium ET Exhaust Titanium Racing.

The engine of the Honda CB650F cars with 4-cylinder engine, which is the selling point of the Naked Bike this model that has it all.

Honda CB650 four strong Japan 8
Honda CB650 four-strong Japan 60

With a capacity of 649 cc. A DOHC 16-valve petrol fuel injection system PGM-FI exclusive Honda to carry horsepower carry 86 at 11 000 r / min and torque of 63 Newton – meters. at 8000 rev / min by tube LORDING1 upgraded decor a little more.

From the air filter’s BMC , blunderbuss expand aluminum racing, spark-free canine Brisk , tuning box Power Commander , the rectifier power DC Max Power , fluorescent tubes, titanium ET Exhaust Titanium Racing and arrange a new ratio.

Through a series of State of the RK 44 tooth chain-driven black RK Gold size 525 pins.

Honda CB650F your tube LORDING1 decorative highlight practical applications in everyday life.

This is a car Naked Bike another style of driving in a way that focuses on actual use.

And trips within the group occasionally. For any of you who are looking for solutions to this decor style mail address you CB650F this could be another inspiration to compose your car is not

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