Honda CB300R vs KTM 390Duke

Honda CB300R vs. KTM 390Duke The Naked Bike 1-cylinder version of the option to get over

Meet again with a motorcycle comparison article. I want to help you who are interested. Have come to find and decide how easy it is. Which one suits you best? Which is the right answer? You are the only judge.

Honda CB300R

Let’s start with the new Naked Bike in Thailand before it is better than the Honda CB300R, which was launched on January 16, the latest by the latest relying on the official price. The price starts at 149,800 baht, which is the price that shakes the whole industry ever. Today we will take a deep breath that this level.

Honda CB300R vs KTM 390Duke
Honda CB300R vs KTM 390Duke 31

Compared to the performance of the car. And the options are included. What is worth? And enough to go up against KTM 390 Duke or not to follow.


Honda CB300R is only 143 kg.

All parts of the Honda CB300R  are neatly designed. By selecting each item. And technology is a motorcycle that is meticulously handcrafted in Japan.

The LED headlamp is notable for the eye. Fat Bar Aluminum Tail Handle, 10 liter capacity, Daimound Frame, lightweight, two-seat cushion, And the LED rear lights, which the Honda CB300R comes with a streamlined vehicle.

For fun driving. With a width of 888 mm, length of 2,012 mm, height of 1,052 mm, seat height of 799 mm and weight of only 143 kg.


Full LCD Multifunction Digital display Shift Light Shift Light

In addition, the Honda CB300R comes with a full range of LCD LCD Multifunction Digital display With shift light Shift Light on the engine to reach the specified range and Peak Hold function to help you drive more fun, these elements. It reflects modernity, but still has a fascination with the classic style.


Upside down front shock absorber, 41 mm from Show and Nissin Radial Mount 4 Piston pump with ABS G-Sensor system.

The Honda CB300R also comes equipped with a suspension system that is full of lemmings in the Big Bike whether the shock front Upside Down , size 41 mm. From Showa and rear Monoshock from Showa adjustable Preload.

Adjustment up to 7 levels, the front brake system is a disk brake. Pump the brakes with Nissin series Radial Mount 4 Pot with ABS G-Sensor and rear brake pump Nissin 1 Pot.


New exhaust Neo Sports Café and powerful voice.

For the power of the engine. Still using the same engine as the CBR300R , CB300F and Rebel 300 with 1 cylinder engine DOHC 4 valves size 286 cc. Cylinder width x Coupling length 76 x 63 mm Compression ratio 10.7: 1 Fuel supply with Honda exclusive PGM-FI injection system, but different.

The Honda CB300R, which is the transmission of the DNA from the Honda Neo Sports Café Concept  to provide a powerful voice. It also increases the efficiency of the acceleration response as well.


Honda CB300R Price 149,800

The Honda CB300R has been officially announced for the past few weeks. Starting at 149,800 baht and the CB300R H2C Street Fighter Edition priced at 165,000 baht (limited to 500 cars only), this is the most accessible price. Compared to the price of Naked Bike 300 cc.And there are also superior options.


KTM 390 Duke

Come join in the exciting new Duke family of KTM with the KTM 390 Duke  comes with a sleek design. Starting with a new LED headlight  that is notable. Feeling fierce. The shape of the body is strong, sleek and sharp.

The body of the seat that reveals the frame in a sporty look, including the  Bolt-on Subframe. The new look more unique. The physiological design of this type of motorcycle. Also adjusted.

With a sitting position that helps to control the car better, but still comfortable driving. And better by improving the driver’s seat. And the stilt While the tank increased its capacity to 13.4 liters (more than 2.4 liters), in addition to the driver to go further.

It also allows the driver to experience and feel the latest models with the latest models of this bike.


Multifunction TFT Display Controller The KTM MY RIDE package can be installed.

KTM 390 Duke  features the ultimate  multi-function “TFT Display” control  panel . And the interface is super. Enhanced display driving step further and  KTM MY RIDE  is a package that enables installation by the system  KTM MY RIDE  can connect to Bluetooth integration with smart phones so riders.

Can use the phone in hands-free. Enjoy music on the go by integrating the TFTscreen,   which works from the menu button on the car’s handle.


Full suspension from WP Suspension and brakes from Bybre

The KTM 390 Duke ‘s suspension system   comes with a 43mm Upside Down shock absorber   from the  WP Suspension  that comes with a shock absorber that uses technology.

Open-cartridge Fork  and Pistons split rear  Mono Shock  from  WP  adjustable hardness – soft levels up to 5 works with the swingarm. The front brake system is  Bybre  series  Radial Mount 4 Pot  and rear  Bybre 1 Pot  comes with  ABS  and front – back. Can be disabled For Supermoto Driving


The KTM 390 Duke comes with a 373.2 cc engine. The DOHC 4-valve 44-hp is equipped with a Slipper Clutch and Electric Ride By Wire.

The  KTM 390 Duke  comes with a 373.2 cc engine. 1 cylinder DOHC 4 cylinder size x Coupling length is 89 x 60 mm. Cooled by water. The Ride By Wire  delivers fuel through a six-speed manual transmission with the Slipper Clutch delivering 44 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 37 Nm – 7,000 rpm. / Min speed up to 175 km / h 


KTM 390 Duke Price 209,900 Baht

For  KTM 390 Duke  is priced at 209,900 baht , lower than the previous generation too. It also comes with a great upgrade. To the capacity. And the technology is packed.


Compare the shot shot.


Compared to every corner.

Honda CB300R basic comparison with KTM 390 Duke

Honda CB300R SpecificationKTM 390 Duke
1 engine 1
 286 cc Cylinder volume 373.2 cc.
 DOHC 4 valves Valve systemDOHC 4 valves
 76 mm. x 63 mm. Cylinder size / stroke89 mm. x 60 mm.
31 Hp horsepower44 hp @ 9,000 rpm
27 Nmtorque37 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
10.7: 1  Compression ratio
 Manual 6 Speed GearboxManual 6 Speed
 PGM-FI Injection Fuel Dispenser Fuel injection
Electric starter (hand) Start system Electric starter (hand)
 Multiplate wet clutch Clutch systemMultiplate wet clutch
 110/70 R17 Rubber face110/70 R17
 150/60 R17 Rear tire size150/70 R17
 Showa Upside Down 41 mm Shock upWP Upside Down 43 mm
 Showa Monoshock adjusts 7 levels. Rear shockWP Monoshock adjusts 5 levels.
 Nissin Radial Mount 4 Pot with ABS Front brakeBybre Radial Mount 4 Pot with ABS
 Nissin 1 Pot with ABS Brake rearBybre 1 Pot with ABS
 2,012 x 888 x 1,052 Length x width x height2,026 x 836 × 1,267 mm
799 mm.  Upholstery830 mm.
143 kg.  Car weight149 kg.
10 liters Fuel tank capacity13.4 liters
 $ 149,800 Selling Price$ 209,900
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