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Honda CB1000R vs Yamaha MT-10 duel boom in the new era


Honda CB1000R vs Yamaha MT-10 duel boom in the new era

Honda CB1000R vs. Yamaha MT-10 duel boom in the new era. In the midst of five thousand who will be who to go to measure.

Honda CB1000R vs. Yamaha MT-10

           The bike is considered a popular motorcycle in the broad. With a car that can be used in all forms. Both strength and composition can compete. The ride is comfortable to ride on the trip to buy a curry or eat noodles in front of the mouth is also convenient. Called a car ride every line not to be timid any more of the car’s jacket Superbike class, one that is getting the attention of the biker everywhere, it was inevitable , “Kennecott a thousand,” said one. It is not a big version.

Image and structure




           Honda CB1000R. If you are talking about this car in the latest generation. The most inviting thing would be to escape the image of Neo sport café style  that combines the classic mood of the motorcycle style Café Racer and modern style under the structure of the camp called Steel Mono Backbone. Body Dimensions Width x Length x Height x 789 x 2120 x 1095 mm Wheelbase 1,455 mm Height of seat 830 mm Body weight 212 kg Fuel tank capacity of 16.2 liters Another part of Honda CB1000R t None raised the possibility that the man truly compelling. I can not help choosing the Swing Arm Single Side, also known as the Pro Arm that gives a unique perspective, it really does not need much. For those who like this car, the body of the Honda CB1000R will be sure to be bikers Chic.




           Yamaha MT-10 was one of the 1,000cc cymbals that made the phenomenon since launch. With a strange image. Feeling fierce. It has been dubbed the Bumblebee, but one thing beyond the novelty is. The aluminum DeltaBox is a great addition to the sporty body of the Yamaha YZF-R1,but has been refined to fit a wide range of applications. By still full of inspiration. If one is passionate about innovative stern to Tokaktokใh Yamaha MT-10 for dimensional body of the Yamaha MT-10 length x width x height of 800 x 2,095 × 1,110 mm. Wheelbase of 1,440 mm. In height. 825 mm body weight, 210 kg body weight, fuel tank capacity 17 liters

Power and excitement.


          Honda CB1000R comes with a technology that is inherited from a sports car. It has been adjusted in the low-mid to higher range in the form of DOHC 4-cylinder in 998 cc. Cylinder width x Coupling length 75 mm x 56.5 mm. Compression ratio 11.6: 1. Fuel injection with PGM-FI nozzle gives 143.5 hp at 10,500 rpm, 104 Nm torque at 8,250 rpm. Throttle by Wire with Power Selector Engine Selectable Brake Control (EB), Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with 4 modes of driving, SPORT, NORMAL, RAIN And USER powered by 6 speed gear with Quick Shifter Each Assist Slipper Clutch


          The Yamaha MT-10  uses the same engine block as the  Yamaha YZF-R1,  which features the same crankshaft as the  Crossplane,  which delivers strength and torque in all areas. DOHC 16 valves, 998 cc. And separate cooler oil. Maximum horsepower is 160.4 at 11,500 rpm and maximum torque of 111 Nm at 9,000 rpm. With YCC-T technology or accelerator pedal, you can choose the driving mode. want Transmission with 6 speed gear with Slipper Clutch as well (in version 2018 with Quick Shifter, but not to mention. In this case we refer to a 70,000 baht discount.)

Suspension and control system



          Honestly, the Honda brand is definitely the highlight of this camp. Performance control that gives the driver access to the car easily. The  Honda CB1000R is a treadmill . Equipped with Showa Separate Function Front Fork, Big Piston (SFF-BP), Upside Down, paired with Radial Mount, Radial Mount, 4×4 POT and 310 mm. Balance Free Rear Cushion (BRFC) comes in the same brand. Adjustable to 7 levels, the tires are used in sizes 120/70 ZR17 for front wheels and 190/55 ZR17 for rear wheels.



           For the suspension of the  Yamaha MT-10  on the suspension with shock absorbers, front Upside Down 43 mm. Simultaneous flick electric rear Monoshock Front brake calipers Advics 4 POT model Radial-Mount is. Equipped with 320mm disc brakes, with ABS brakes incorporated in 5-spoke aluminum wheels. The rear is a 220mm single disc brake, paired with a single-piston calipers. ABS Front tires – rear 120/70 ZR17 and 190/55 ZR17, respectively.



                Honda CB1000R 515,000 Baht


                Yamaha MT-10 (2017 version) 619,000 baht with gift voucher 70,000 baht, discounted to 549,000 baht

Time to exchange fleas.


           I personally … really It is a difficult decision to make. Both are outstanding. I do not know how to do it. Honda CB1000R ‘s advantage in addition to the freshness. It is a story of a clear style. It can pull the character of the occupier is pronounced. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. This will make the market a great bike. Back in Peak again after the Kawasaki Z1000 was made in 2015 and the superiority of the Honda brand is a more comprehensive service center. Easier to access services.


Honda CB1000R basic comparison table with Yamaha MT-10 

 Yamaha MT-10  Specification Yamaha MT-10
4-cylinder  engine 4 Cylinder Linear CP4
998 cc  Cylinder volume 998 cc
DOHC 4 valves / cylinder  Valve system  DOHC 4 valves / cylinder
75 mm. x 56.5 mm.  Cylinder size / stroke 79 mm x 50.9 mm
143.5 HP @ 10,500 rpm  horsepower 160.4 HP @ 11,500 rpm
104 Nm @8,250 rpm  torque 111 Nm @9,000 rpm
11.6: 1  Compression ratio  12: 1
Manual 6 Speed + Quick Shifter  Gearbox  Manual 6 Speed
 Fuel injection  Fuel Dispenser   Fuel injection
Electric starter (hand)  Start system  Electric starter (hand)
Multiplate wet clutch  Clutch system  Multiplate wet clutch 
120/70 ZR17   Rubber face 120/70 ZR17
190/55 ZR17  Rear tire size 190/55 ZR17
UpsideDown 43 มม.  Shock up UpsideDown 43 มม.
Pro Arm  Rear shock  Swingarm-Link
Tokico 4 POT + ABS  Front brake Advics 4 POT + ABS
1 POT plate, 256 mm  Brake rear 1 POT Plate 220 mm
2120 x 789 x 1095 mm  Length x width x height 2,095 x 800 × 1,110 mm
830 mm.  Upholstery 825 mm.
212 kg.  Car weight  210 kg.
16.2 liters  Fuel tank capacity  17 liter
$ 515,000  Selling Price 619,000 baht (70,000 baht discount for 2017 model)

Yamaha MT-10  is the           ultimate answer to the BMW S1000R (not to mention the KTM 1290 Super Duke R on the shelf. ), With the horsepower of the weight is how it is difficult to compare. In fact, MT-10 does not have better than that. But in terms of balance. Driving versatility Find out who is superior to the Yamaha MT-10  is difficult with a short wheelbase. Make the car turn quickly. Who has touched it. I would like to see a large version of the bike fork. And what many people overlook. But personally, the author. I can not say that is. Materials and workmanship I can say that Yamaha is not really a brand in the world.

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