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Harley Davidson V-Rod to stage another provocation


Harley Davidson V-Rod to stage another provocation

The column Racing Magazing we are friends car enthusiasts Big Bike legendary Harley.Davidson cool to the touch, with a style  Cruiser. (Cruiser), a Harley Davidson V-ROD (VRSCB) 2005.


You ride on Soyuz grant the frequency artist who founded the V-ROD CLUB THAILAND.


The car possesses a  V-ROD cars. I called friends Who is a fan of V-ROD and car enthusiasts Harley. Davidson then That … does anyone know what it is. Yes anyway Young we’re talking about this is that you consider the frequency of precipitation authorization Artist ( yourpartner) or at the biker known gigs V-ROD young people to create a new legend’s car Harley-. Davidson with race organizers in the form Drag a Harley-Davidson Dragday Party is also the founder of  V-ROD CLUB THAILAND well.



Harley Davidson V-ROD Superchager the face with a blunt style Cruiser.



Side of Harley Davidson V-ROD Superchager. 



Harley Davidson V-ROD Superchager force.


Of course, it’s Harley Davidson V-ROD (VRSCB) The author of a regular column in this.That’s not unusual, really. The gig you’ve told the team that. Why choose  Harley-Davidson Model V-ROD B (VRSCB) 2005 was modified. It is usually a favorite car has a sporty look with strength. Therefore, it has long been studied. A car model is a big bike Porscher and Harley.Davidson motorcycles have developed in ways that Harley had never done before. Whether it’s aluminum chassis. Plastic fuel tanks And beautifully designed frames The frame that reveals the engine’s unique vehicle  Harley , including acceleration can ride up to 200 km / hour casual model that is relatively undeveloped , the V-ROD that the engine block this. Was developed from racing atVR1000 , a race of Harley makes your gigs. Love and enchantment of this model into a totally.



Supercharger drive belt cover kit



Spintex supercharger


In terms of inspiration in composing Harley Davidson V-ROD (VRSCB)  gig you say. When the likes of strange eccentricities like the locals. And like the motorcycle-style Sport includes experimentation. Big bike each time the car parks. I often get inspiration from racing Drag it inspired the creation of the V-Rod Screamin ‘Eagle Destroyer Racing direct Harley. Davidson ‘s inputThe focus on performance of the V-ROD in the match racing. Including a dream to drive a motorcycle because they Supercharger children. The people who love the sound of the engine Supercharger in the movie “MADMAX”. 



เครื่องยนต์ Harley Davidson V-ROD


When the engine for three years before you can put a gig camshaft  Srage. 2  nozzleScreamin’Eagle  cap into the Screamin’Eagle. 58 mm throttle . Box Stand Alone fromThindermax  enough to drive a while to get accustomed to feeling the pressure. Long decided to put Turbo or Supercharger  gig, but after you learn a lot while. I began to feel that compressed air Superchager it features the works since Start the engine. And there’s no waiting around Chose to serve in the two-wheeled Reliant cars.



 Super-charger hiding under the air filter cover.


The supercharged engine upgrade strength Sprintex because the assembly hidden underAirbox not entirely. It seems not installed Then, upgrade the fuel system by turning the nozzle fromScreamin’Eagle Destroyer six holes with a modified cylinder head from Screamin’Eagle  scrub slipped through the factory. Switching to the spark plug  NGK Iridium  air filter from Green Filters, and a Stand. alone from Thundermax  and tuning the system to support fuel oil E85  changed the transmission, clutch carbon from Bernett to handle more power to convey the floor thoroughly.



Headlight of Harley Davidson V-ROD. 


For decoration, it will focus on Performance  a short. Everything is put on top of the originalV-ROD NEW Model and author of the V-ROD are relatively rare. And emphasizes makeup pamperWill focus on the concepts Performance is key. Without destroying the unique design of the original.



Pump the brake lever with confectioners



Drag the house miles from Vance & Hines.



Turning up from Rizoma


It is composed of a front suspension  Upside Down the  Night Rod Special  year two thousand and thirteen  Handle Bar from  Nightrod Special  2009 Speedometer  Drag fromVance & Hines  , handles and side mirrors, stripes Trible from Harley Davidson.



Author front fender Harley Davidson V-ROD.



The double trap the air filter before entering the super-charged.



Caliper front Brambo M4 108 mm.



Shock YSS Black Edition


The external tank is equipped with air intake from NLC  brakes from Gaffer  caliper frontBrambo M4 108 mm size . Shock YSS Black Edition comes with sub-tank. Front tire and wheel after  Nightrod Special fender end of 2013, Rick’s Muffler composed of  Vance & Hines Compettion Series.



Hose’s cool style cruiser version.



Author exhaust from Vance & Hines Compettion Series.



Rear shabby ใia the big size. The horse has a ground full steam.


For Filling your car. Designed in the style of driving Drag big rear wheels. low center of gravityThe long wheelbase Makes out a strong reduction in symptoms after flying a lot. When paired with Superchager  it’s even harder to make the engine more. You told us the gig. “Riding in a good mood every time … every time.”



Harley Davidson V-ROD 



Harley Davidson V-ROD with power Superchager.

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