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Green Line Green Monster Kawasaki Z1000 Sour


Kawasaki Z1000  cars were tinged cast. And modified by the Office of Smart BigBike By NaKaKoh  whose possession this green monster line. But it is not one where snazzy (NaKaKoh) The owner of Smart BigBike By NaKaKoh  that I have to tell me that these vehicles. Create a virtually all cars The style of the Bureau I can tell you that … Most models

Pump the brakes on red logo GALESPEED

I flicked Ohlins

Start audience composed mainly highlights do it with the full pump brake  GALESPEED logo red  paired with a hand clutch GALESPEED  with extra stability in high speed with the flick’s Ohlins and replace the switch. Switches various Style racing May look like pieces But tell me that … performance brake system. And vehicle control Increased several fold course

Brembo HP pump front brake discs with Brembo Super Stop 320 mm.

Alloy GALESPEED Type R weighs a featherweight.

Below comes with pump front brake Brembo HP 108 mm. Paired with brakes front Brembo Super Stop 320 mm.  With Network cable knit Speed Flow  by upgrading wheels – rear of racing at GALESPEED Type. R with charm and performance with the Kawasaki Z1000  has a full here.

Rear brake Brembo HP

Ohlins rear shock absorber

Together again … with the transmission link Rizoma brand of customized luxury. The upgrade allows for motion driving up turnout. Followed by another trick of this. The arm of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R  to be attached to the Green Monster perfectly. I do not pump the brakes with rear Brembo HP to the rear shock absorber Ohlins with the statement made by Sterling Publishing NaKaKoh  other gods so magnificently as well.

The handsome powerful Kawasaki Z1000 By NaKaKoh.

Rounding out that part of the engine called established with the Bureau NaKaKoh a lot to work to guarantee a degree Naked Bike Open champion in the field, with many rushing statistics Drag coordinates 10.x simple. early (TT Drag Top Record last job running gear with a 1-3 fourth time since the transmission line through the 402 meters at 10.3 seconds) … of course, if you can call  Kawasaki Z1000  that this King of Naked Bike Thailand. it would not be wrong, because both Naked Bike made its best quarter mile time in Thailand. The first is that the Naked Bike is ready to do a tap number 9.x simple. The first is that it is the part of the modified start to build a craft that has it on. the P Global has upgraded air filters of DNA  includes a camshaft at the Bureau NaKaKoh think of your own conflict with open ports to extend the cylinder head, intake flow to the combustion chamber. With fine-tuning the ECU to manage fuel and ignition angle to be appropriate. The force dozens more horsepower. Culminating with the car’s power requirement was full titanium exhaust system designed by NaKaKoh  end of the piece. With a larger radiator, designed by the Bureau. Say that … I created this vehicle actually was really great actually!

Kwik-chip router WOO-RIC Racing.

Titanium Exhaust Full System

Large radiator designed by P Global (NaKaKoh).

This is not good The strength in her snazzy (NaKaKoh)  to enhance the efficiency of the transmission hp with modified spring clutch. And a clutch all. To accommodate the enormous surge in output. Leinster are chasing – the full recipe. Quik Chips and Peter WOO-RIC Racing to change gears faster.

Savage Grace wheel from NaKaKoh.

P Global told  BoxzaRacing that … what impressed you the modified Kawasaki Z1000  vehicle was brought in to run TT Drag Top Record at  Bangkok airport Drag Avenue Canal 5 ‘s podium. in model Naked Bike Open  with a time of 10.3  seconds. in the 402 meters, but a gearbox problem. Amazing it was only three gears, oh my! Transmission has also run a good size. If this be the perfect end to my future and my snazzy (NaKaKoh) ratio will change and it took nine seconds. This work has to wait to get it into my own work.

You snazzy (NaKaKoh) to dress in style chill your own snazzy.

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