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GPX Demon 150 GN vs Yamaha M-Slaz boiling couple of provocative


GPX Demon 150 GN vs. Yamaha M-Slaz boiling couple of provocative style Naked Bike small size

If you are talking motorcycle with a distinctive style and price is not very high at this time. It is undeniable that Motorcycle style Naked Bike under 150 cc capacity. It will be the first option. In the minds of many these biker. You certainly The shape Inspirational Sports Unique Combined with driving agility And the price is not too high to bear.

Of course, the Battle on this team BoxzaRacing has to offer. “A couple of boiling provocative style, small size Naked Bike” through bike Naked Bike inspiring the next generation, whether GPX Demon 150 GN freshman class. The clash with the Tribunal Yamaha M-Slaz this work say that … Jack probably would have thought it is not.

GPX Demon 150 GN

Let’s start at the car motorcycles in Thailand before it better to GPX Racing has built cars motorcycles Naked Bike Freshman of coordinates to 150 cc. Under the name Demon 150 GN , which is coming out later. the success of Demon and has been designed to be ergonomic in Thailand. The traffic size fits most.

The headlight V-Shaped LED Lamp shot a lever.

Trusses connecting the red car.

Sports seats now separate the two.

The design  GPX Demon 150 GN with a fierce look in dramatic style Naked Bike full from the trusses connecting the red car. Distinctive headlights  V-Shaped With Lamp LED model stems ammunition. Bearing Factory series along the side cooling design is unique. The chicken breast was the basic strength of the car to see more tightly. Stylish tank with a capacity of 8 liters, a 2-seat design, culminating with tail light LED with a short rear fender.

LCD Digital Speedometer

For Speedometer of  GPX Demon 150 GN comes with a digital screen LCD with a detailed description of the engine in its entirety. Whether it is engine, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and oil and take control of steering smoothly through a series of hands-on bars with a doll in hands.

Suspension of GPX Demon 150 GN.

The suspension of  GPX Demon 150 GN comes with front suspension Upside Down of KYB and Rear Mono Shock of KYB as well as the front brakes. And a rear disc brakes both. Mounted on 14-inch wheels with rubber band IRC 120 / 70-14 rear tire and IRC 140 / 70-14.

Engine size of 149 cc. Transmission 5-speed.

For the power of the  GPX Demon 150 GN comes with a 149 cc engine. A SOHC carburettor fuel system. TRANSMISSION 5-speed gearbox with cooled air. This is the engine that has been recognized. And was contained in the CR5 it merges with the weight of  GPX Demon 150 GN with only 130 kg, resulting in driving high flexibility, no doubt.

GPX Demon 150 GN launched at 58,500 baht.

For the price of  GPX Demon 150 GN launched at 58,500 baht, which allowed them to occupy a biker well within the Motor Expo 2016 at the end of last year. And generate sales as one of the motorbike from the camp GPX Racing.

Yamaha M-Slaz Dark Edition

Come on to the market Line the preeminent teen Naked Bike of the era with Yamaha M-Slaz the latest update I have added a degree of cool. And provocation again With new colors Ready to choose their own. Whether yellow, black – orange, blue, black – the colors green and gray is the highlight so far Dark Edition.

Headlights with integrated LED light design concept Minimize built-in to the body.

LED tail lights with a short rear fender.

For the exterior design of the Yamaha M-Slaz with cool, eye-catching looks. Passive with aggressive, provocative style  Street Extreme Car Series MT-Series from light with dimmer LED  design concept Minimize built-in to the body, typical car Naked Sport Series Bearing Factory next one. the sleek slim cover fuel tank capacity of 10.2 liters of fuel at elevated seats two pillion like a sports car. The series ends with a tail light LED with a short rear fender.

Digital Speedometer a Full-Negative LCD.

Cheez starter for MT-Series style family car with the same version MT-09 and MT-07.

Another step to cool the instrument panel Speedometer Digital and Full-Negative LCD Design Superbike compact with LED backlight. And digital gauges Steering control through seamless hand bar. The switch comes starter for stylish family car MT-Series as well as older MT-09 and MT-07 Strike a chord with a generation Superbike engine for the unique switch.

Front suspension Upside Down 37 mm.

For the suspension of the Yamaha M-Slaz comes with front suspension Upside Down 37 mm. Rear Mono Shock working with swing arm. The front brake system And a rear disc brake Mounted on 17-inch alloy rims with tire size band 110 / 70-17M / C 54S and 130 / 70-17M / C 62S.

1-cylinder 4-stroke 150 cc. Of Yamaha M-Slaz.

The powerful engine of the Yamaha M-Slaz comes with a 4-stroke 1-cylinder 150 cc. SOHC 4-valve size Bore x stroke of 57.0 x 58.7 mm. Compression 10.4: 1 Fuel system Injection. TRANSMISSION 6-speed gear-cooled water. Exhaust tailpipe through sport

Yamaha M-Slaz a starting price of 89,500 baht and 90,500 baht in color Dark Edition.

For Yamaha M-Slaz now available with up to 5 colors, 5 styles, including with yellow, black – orange, blue, black – green price is 89,500 baht and the color that highlights the most significant color. gray Dark Edition with a special price of just 90,500 baht.

Comparable punch to punch

Well, every corner

Compare basis GPX Demon 150 GN with Yamaha M-Slaz.

GPX Demon 150 GN Spector basic detailsYamaha M-Slaz
 1 cylinder engine 1 cylinder
149 cc. Displacement150 cc.
SOHC 2-valve valve system SOHC 4-valve
 Small Bore / Stroke57.0 mm. x 58.7 mm.
9.0: 1 Compression ratio 10.4: 1
5-speed Transmission6-speed
carburetor Fuel  Fuel injection
Electric start (cell) Brake system Electric start (cell)
Wet multi-plate clutch. System ClutchWet multi-plate clutch.
120 / 70-14 Front Tire Size110 / 70-17
140 / 70-14 Rear tire size130 / 70-17
Upside Down Shock Absorber PageUpside Down 37 mm.
Mono Shock Rear Shock AbsorberMono Shock
disc brakes front Brakedisc brakes
disc brakes reardisc brakes
1,800 x 800 x 1,200 mm. Length x Width x Height1,955 x 795 x 1,065 mm.
770 mm. Seat height805 mm.
130 kg. weight 135 kg.
8 liters Fuel tank capacity 10.2 liters
58,500 baht Price89500-90500 baht

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