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Electric motorcycle Arc Vector accelerates horizontal supercar


Arc Vector electric motorbikes will go into production from the beginning of next year with a limited number of only 399 units and an amazing price of $ 114,000.

Arc Vector electric motor project is officially approved. Accordingly, Arc Vector will be on production line in Wales from early next year. Expected, this electric motor model has a starting price of $ 114,000

With an amazing price, Arc Vector also became special when only 399 units were produced in the first 18 months. Maybe, electric car company wants to consult customers for “super motorbike”.

Arc Vector is an electric motor model with many new technologies, modern designs with soft design lines along the body.

Vector owns a super lightweight carbon frame. It uses a unique Hub Center Steering (HCS) steering mechanism incorporating Ohlins ILX36 damping.

Unlike the traditional steering mechanism through front shock absorbers, the HCS steering mechanism uses push rod system to connect the front wheel shaft to a shaft connecting the steering wheel located in the middle of the body, just below the engine. At the rear is single damping Ohlins TTX36.

The power of Arc Vector comes from the 399 Volt electric motor for a capacity of 133 hp and maximum torque of 148 Nm. Arc Vector is capable of accelerating 0-100 km / h in under 3 seconds, on par with the fastest-growing supercars in the world today. The maximum speed of Arc Vector is over 201 km / h. Vehicles with 6 different driving modes include: Road, Rain, Sport, Track, Eco and Euphoric.

Power supply for electric motor is a 16.8 kWh battery produced by Samsung. The battery pack of Arc Vector can be fully charged in 30 minutes and for travel distances up to 436 km.

In addition to the car, Arc’s production team also created two accompanying products, Arc Zenith helmet and Arc Orgin jacket. The fullface helmet uses HUD technology, which helps the driver grasp the vehicle’s operating information without looking down at the clock face

Arc Orgin jacket uses the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology with a safety-sensitive tactile sensor, which has 3 modes for wearers: Urban, Sports and Euphoric.

Arc Vehicle Ltd is a UK-based tram company, founded by former CEO Jaguar Mark Truman – who is extremely passionate about motorcycles. Arc also had a relationship with Jaguar Land Rover when it was invested by InMotion Ventures fund, an investment fund of Jaguar Land Rover.

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