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Ducati 899 Panigale handsome, smooth hot extremes


Ducati 899 Panigale handsome, smooth hot extremes

If other motorcycle enthusiasts who are passionate and large, known BigBike. (Big Bike)each. Many believe that People need to cheer with the big bike class premium in Italy. That comes with a unique and spectacular. Emanates a work of art on the body of two-wheelers under the brandDucati (Ducati).



Ducati 899 Panigale’s handsome, stylish By BD Speed Racing.


The column  Racing Magazine  of the day to get to glimpse the beauty of the  Sport Middle Weight at Ducati 889 Panigale youngest in the family Panigale  , although I  889.Panigale will be the youngest in the family. But the design and performance, not to mention it anyway. Called the most outstanding dramatic as the heavyweights go.



Ducati 889 Panigale with the aggressive style.



Side view remarkable beyond words.


If your friends are fans columns Racing. Magazing of what it must have been through the eye with the Ducati 889 Panigale style of racing as well. This is a car line up to tell me that money is the premium luxury vehicles from the land of architecture’s real deal. By The  Ducati 889 Panigale this beautiful aircraft. The car is tuning the strength of BD. Speed mentioned that this office. You have to lift a finger to customize the car to me. Whether Ducati Diavel bogey Powerful weapons against the super tough BD Speed Racing has conducted performances already. A really super But for you, Ducati 889 Panigale  clear how this would be glowing glimpse of us went together better.



Blue Shield of mercury that gets into the next seamlessly.


Let’s begin with Sims cast first, that is. The Farrow page Magical Racing  Blue Mercury gets into the next seamlessly. Then add to the sleek side mirrors both out. Luke’s Sports More aggressive



Handmade cards Rizoma items indispensable for field wiring.



I flicked Ohlins


Handmade cards installed in the right hands in the style of a racing brand Rizoma brake on the pump clutch and opted out of racing Brembo Logo red model of a stationary car at the flick of a racing series together with Ohlins.  



Most of the fuel tank cap Racing Moto Corse. 



Body Protector from Ducati Performance


A fuel tank mounted fuel tank dress from the brand Moto. Corse  along with protective tank from Ducati. Peaformance pants or buttons to buckle to be a fuel tank as unwanted wrinkles.



Brembo calipers that have been upgraded with a cable knit dress.




Carbon wheels brands BST BlackStone


The suspension came after some of the Ducati 889 Panigale with tires that have been designed perfectly. Made from carbon fiber brand BLACKSTONE BST-Tek carbonfibre 5-spoke front and rear. Reduce weight and add strength to it.



Racing grade rubber from Pirelli brand, model Diablo Superbike.



Exhaust brand majestic Termignoni


The tire is a tire-grade cleansing brand from  Pirelli version of Diablo. Superbike tires size 120/70 ZR17 front and 180/60 ZR17 rear tires end up with exhaust from a hit. pipe Termignoni 




Ducati 889 Panigale .

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