Ducati 2016 S XDiavel award the world’s best design

Ducati 2016 S XDiavel Cruiser totally new samples from the Italian car maker has received the award “Red Dot Award 2016: Best of the Best” after having crossed more than 5,200 other products with the evaluation of 41 industry experts

Ducati 2016 S XDiavel award the world’s best design
Red Dot Award is considered one of the most prestigious design award in the world today.

Since 1955, the designers and manufacturers worldwide can register the product on the list of candidates. Then, an evaluation board with many industry experts gathered in Germany in order to pick out the best product
2016, in the category of Product Design, Red Dot Award recognized record of more than 5,200 applications from 57 countries and territories. This is the first time in one of the categories exceeded 5,000

Ducati 2016 S XDiavel

Best of the Best Award is given to the Council evaluate product design bold and break the limits of contemporary design.

41 professionals this year’s Red Dot Award has decided Ducati 2016 S XDiavel completely new cruiser form of Italian car company after having crossed over the other products.

Prizes will be awarded to the Italian manufacturer in the next 4/7 days at the gala at the Aalto Theatre in Germany.

Ducati 2016 S XDiavel2

Been voted the most beautiful motor vehicle right the first time unveiled at EICMA Milan Motorcycle Exhibition in 2015, Ducati 2016 S XDiavel owns an impressive design with bold looks Cruiser no longer than hybrid line naked and cruiser as in the old version,

Ducati XDiavel attract the attention of the brothers played in the world by car PKL strong design, eagerly same exquisite beauty characterized Italy.

Although characterized owned cruiser styling than before but Ducati XDiavel never losing strong performance. Reportedly, XDiavel is the first Ducati bikes use belt drives.

Along with the new engine block called DVT Testastretta L-Twin, with a capacity of 1,262 cubic centimeters, for a maximum capacity of 156 hp at 9,500 rev / min and maximum torque 128.9 Nm at 5000 rev / min. Vehicles equipped with 6-speed gearbox cooling system with liquid

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