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CB4X is introduced with lightweight blue pictures and 4-cylinder engine. The CB4X thought from before to terribly cold with eyes closed. Overall it’s additionally quite high with the fork system contains a long journey. additionally, the automobile is additionally equipped with a rather massive windscreen. Overall, this Honda CB4X thought is sort of strange with the front and back panels.

It looks that the automotive is intended to travel a touch additional on parcel of land, it’s equipped with 17-inch wheels and also the handwheel is kind of wide with 2-sided protection. conjointly with 400 cc 4 cylinder engine is additionally price to expect.

The rear of the automotive is sharpened upwards and also the single-use profile creates a sportier feel. The exhaust uses SC-Project kind, the lamp of CB4X full junction rectifier. staring at the highest of the lamp, it’s like a number of Honda’s scooters, however the CB4X appearance additional reformer

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