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BMW S1000RR fierce shark species come under intense thriller set carbon Battle


BMW S1000 RR

The popularity of motorcycles giant Also known as Bigbike (Big Bike)  called for continued strength in particular car line Sport Bike class 1000 cc. To mention would be inevitable two wheels at a premium from Germany. a BMW car with a big bike that looks like a shark BMW S1000RR which columns Racing this team has a chance to meet with the BMW S1000RR another tune. That comes with aggressive ideas for the car by tuning famous of biker Line Racing at JC Superbike that took the team to grab my BMW S1000RR body beauty this to fans of column material. look well

You master your gold varnish with BMW S1000RR.               As you know it I like it that the S1000RR  is designed to be more aggressive. A unique and striking look at the lights, dual function immediately knew immediately that this was it. Shark species from Camp Savage BMW car itself by the time you have your master’s golden varnish or Aum owned Idea car BMW S1000RR  vehicle is inspired by the style of their own. With a fierce pass down to the car.    

The front view of the BMW S1000RR Carbon.

BMW S 1000RR

From the body of the car before it comes to the raw brutality with carbon black. Cut with a blue BMW  S1000RR this cool style. The area covers a piece of carbon as well. Chiu’s front windshield of a Magical Racing colors Smoke and enhance the sportier front of the car by the side mirror off. Then install the plug to replace the glass.

The front lights are a unique pair.

Brembo pump on the author of the popular brands.

           Next, at the Mane some good. Ome you have installed a flick from popular brands like Ohlins  with adjustable clutch shift dress from the brand Brembo Italy  red logo on the hand brake up with pump Brembo Racing release of braided material made from  Titanium.

Austin Racing’s fuel tank

Set the carbon stock Limberger

Featuring a cover frame Alpha Racing  Bearing Factory and fenders of brand Limberger that the fuel tank has been installed fuel tank black dress from the brand  Austin Racing.

Brembo brakes, Ohlins Shock author of the popular biker.

Gear up to Bonamici Racing

The suspension mounting kits Rock Bottom brands Limberger gear to wear black Bonamici Racing from Italy in the BMW S1000 RR cars also packed with the best performance, high petrol front Brembo GP4 pump after beetle HP. braided Earl’s 4S 90% disc Brembo HP Shock and the Ohlins.

Pipe series Arrow Full system Titanium

The wheels come in aluminum blue from top brands like  OZ Racing Chain you DID  come with rubber grade racing cars from the brand  Pirelli version Diablo Supercorsa and can not live without a muffler tuning from top brands like Pipe series Arrow Full system. Titanium

The cushion cover with a piece of carbon.

The sleek buttocks supremely charming.

Motorcycle Comparison

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